President Obama, on the Royals and Kansas City magic


"Now my press secretary Josh Earnest is from Kansas City," Obama said. "He has made the observation that the Royals are advancing and that the Chiefs made the Patriots look kind of bad on Monday night. So clearly something is going on in Kansas City. Apparently these guys (Sporting KC) are the ones who got it all started, who got the ball rolling. It's a pretty good day to be from Kansas City. You guys are feeling kind of cocky right now."

AL Wild Card Overflow Thread #1: Oakland 2, Royals 1, Middle of 3rd


Big Game James lets Moss hang two-run dong in the first. The Royals run into a run and out of the inning in the bottom of the first. The second goes off quietly for both offenses. Oakland singles twice in the third before Shields induces a line-drive 3-6 double-play.

Posnanski raises a glass


Every team with a long run of losing has stories, of course. Every team with a long run of losing has believers too, who refuse to stop caring even when there seems nothing left to care about. I think of a blind man in Kansas who would have his wife read to him the Royals account every morning at breakfast, and he would then ask her to go over the box score hitter by hitter. I think of a farmer in the Northern part of Missouri who would record the west coast games off the radio and listen to them in the morning when he worked the farm. I think of a friend in Overland Park who kept trying to give the Royals up, and kept finding himself drifting back when Opening Day arrived. I think of a restaurant owner in Kansas City who framed the Royals World Series tickets he got last year, not as a joke but as a harbinger of good things.

A Royals Toast

Free Royals tattoos!


A Kansas City tattoo parlor is giving away free Royals tattoos every day that the boys in blue are in first place in their division. Grimm Tattoo on Broadway began offering the deal on Thursday, Sept. 11. The first person in line at noon gets a free Kansas City Royals logo tattoo.

Tattoo shop offers free Royals tattoos |

Even George Brett gets it


"I wish Salvy would just take a pitch once in a while," Brett said, watching the television in the press dining room as Perez fouled off a breaking ball. "He’s seen seven pitches tonight and he’s swung at all seven." Brett got up to leave, and Perez was called out on strikes. He laughed, ruefully. "He took one," Brett said. "I shouldn’t have said anything."

NY Times: Loyal to the Royals, Hoping for a Renaissance

How Ned Yost deals with negative thoughts


Only one man can understand the inner sanctum of Ned Yost’s psyche, but its inhabitant advertises the space as a place of optimism. "I do not allow negative thoughts into my mind," Yost said one day last week. "If they start creeping in, I stop it. Kick ’em out." Asked for a demonstration of this practice, his hands gripped his chair. His head shook. His eyes bulged. "Stop!" he shouted.

Star: Royals manager Yost tries not to be a Negative Ned







"Downturn? It’s two games. … That’s what starts it, is you guys saying that stuff. We’re fine. It’s two games. We’ll come back (today), get a good win off Verlander, get a lot of momentum running into San Diego."

Eric Hosmer on the ability of the sports media to induce Kansas City Royals downturns

Game VII Overflow - Rays 0, Royals 0, Top of 7th


Young flamethrowers duel. Looks to be transferring over to the Royals bullpen as the 7th gets underway. Ventura's line: 6.0 IP, 6 K, 2 H, 0 BB, 0 R, 95 pitches

Opening Day Overflow thread


KC leading 3-1 heading into the bottom of the sixth. Salvador Perez is the best. The Royals defense and James Shields have picked up where they left off last year. Our fearless leader is trying to start a movement #ThePlunger.