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Hok Talk

After the Pride Night debacle in Tampa Bay, something has to change

The floodgates to bad behavior have been opened and things can no longer remain as they once were.

Brady Singer looks like a new pitcher...why?

Was the changeup all he ever needed?

Emmanuel Rivera has stolen the third base job. Can he keep it?

The 25-year-old wasn’t on anyone’s radar until suddenly he was one of the best hitters in the Royals’ lineup.

The Royals have an accountability problem

You don’t have to know that 165 times 12 equals 1,980 to know that it sure as heck doesn’t equal 2.

The Royals should ditch the starting rotation

They can’t develop starters, so stop trying.

The 2022 Royals are going to get better

It isn’t a question of whether they’ll improve, it’s how much and when

The 2022 Royals were never relying on Adalberto Mondesí

They didn’t completely give up on him, but he was no longer a focal point for their plans.

Where are the transactional Royals?

Prior to the 2021 season, Dayton Moore mentioned that the Royals needed to be more transactional. That element still appears to be MIA.

Top 5 reasons the unwritten rules of baseball should be ignored

My brother in Christ, if these rules were important, they’d be written down.

Overreacting to Opening Day

The Royals are undefeated! Let’s get hype!

Reviewing Rethinking Fandom by Craig Calcaterra

A thought-provoking book for the modern fan

Predicting the Royals’ Opening Day Lineup

The Royals have some actual choices to make, this year.

One area of the CBA I’m glad the players lost

They aren’t always as forward thinking as they should be

Baseball games being canceled is a good thing, actually

Unity and determination on display.

The labor dispute isn’t MLB’s only crisis

And they’re ignoring the other as much or more.

MLB’s latest offer continues the trend of sacrificing the future of the sport for short-term profits

They are oblivious, they don’t care, or there’s a more cynical option...

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 8 - Does it hold up?

It’s a drama set in a prison so I guess it couldn’t be roses and sunshine the entire time.

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 7 - Does it hold up?

If you’re more focused on the relationships than the shenanigans, this won’t be your favorite episode.

Last weekend’s NFL action reminds us why sports are great

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 6 - Does it hold up?

An episode of schemes. Just SO MANY schemes.

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 5 - Does it hold up?

To answer your most pressing question, "Yes. I’m still doing this."

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 4 - Does it hold up?

What will they do about Je-hyuk’s shoulder?

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 3 - Does it hold up?

Time to meet a whole new group of characters!

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 2 - Does it hold up?

We begin to get a better idea of what Je-hyuk is really like.

Irrational favorite Royals

The Royals were bad for a very long time. If you still watched regularly you probably had to make some...interesting calls about who your favorite players were.

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 1 - Does it hold up?

MLB is locked out, so let’s dive into a Korean Drama about a pro baseball player!

Hok’s HoF ballot

Who would make it into the Hall of Fame if you were in charge?

Capitalism is ruining baseball

Note: This is not a hit job on owners.

Dune (2021) - Does it hold up?

The legendary science fiction epic seeks an answer to the question: Is the third time the charm?

The Royals will inexplicably return almost their entire 2021 coaching staff in 2022

Dayton Moore, J.J. Piccolo, and Mike Matheny all agree: the coaching staff was ideal in 2021. But are they right?


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