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Spring Training has started and you can still make a credible free-agent team

More than half of the league seems disinterested in improving their roster through free agency

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The Yakuza Series has more baseball in it than Yakuza

Sega’s latest game in the extremely Japanese Like A Dragon/Yakuza series continues the long-running love affair with America’s Pastime.

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Hok Talk

The Bobby Witt Jr. reactions are out of control

The extension is unequivocally good news for Royals fans, but it seems that many people think it means things that don’t necessarily follow.

The Chiefs are showing why its so important to make it to the playoffs

Once you’re in the dance, anything can happen

Projecting the Royals’ 26-man roster

The Royals seem like they might be done making moves. What is the roster going to look like come Opening Day?

A comprehensive guide to the Royals free agent acquisitions

Everything you need to know about the free agents the Royals’ signed prior to the 2024 season

The Royals finally have a real plan for their downtown stadium

I can’t say I’m happy about it but I’m not entirely displeased, either.

The Royals are following through

This is already the most exciting off-season the Royals have had since 2015, and they may not be done.

The Royals want fans to believe big things are coming. Why should you?

The Royals need some goodwill, but they let the cupboard go bare.

Should the Royals try asking AI for help?

AI is all the rage right now. Could the new technology help the Royals build a better team?

Top seven moments in the MCU (so far)

Listen, it’s the holidays, things are quiet, let’s talk about something non-baseball for a minute

The Royals’ early off-season moves are sending mixed signals

Will they be aggressive in improving the roster or content to coast to another 100 losses?

Championships cannot be acquired through free agency alone

The Mets did what every fanbase wishes their team would do and went on a massive spending spree. It didn’t pay off. What happened?

So your team says they have no money

Multiple teams are signaling an unwillingness to spend on free agency this off-season. Why?

2023 Season in Review: What is Dairon Blanco’s future?

The rookie is the wrong side of 30. Can he still be a part of the future?

Frank White is playing hardball with the Royals again, this time over the new stadium

Could the former second baseman be holding a grudge? Are his numbers frightening or fake? Does any of it matter?

2023 season in review - Pitching Coaches

The Royals 2023 pitching successes are an indictment on everything the franchise did with pitching in recent years.

The Royals roster has a skewed perspectives problem

Both fans and front office members look at the same players and see very different things. What is going on here?

A way-too-early look at next season’s roster

The evaluation is almost finished. What have we learned?

Remembering the 1998 home run race

That sure was a fun season

As Ned Yost inducted to Royals Hall of Fame, a lesson for Matt Quatraro

Ned Yost wasn’t always a lock for the Royals Hall of Fame, what can new manager Matt Quatraro do to achieve the same end?

The diverging futures of Bobby Witt and Brady Singer

One should be a Royal for life, and the other should find success with a different team.

The Royals step on yet another rake with latest press release

This is a billion-dollar franchise. How does this keep happening?

SEIU Local 1 files amended charges in NLRB case against Royals

The Royals are facing additional scrutiny for their recent labor negotiations.

Ranking the Royals’ deadline deals

Number four might surprise you!

Fixing Final Fantasy XVI Part 2 - Jill Warrick

She’s got a terrific foundation, but the writers forgot to build on it.

Fixing Final Fantasy XVI Part 1 - Benedikta Harman

The game is so good you wish it was better.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion is a dud

We are halfway through the season or series, and it just has not been good.

Sherman tanks press conference

Tanks are notoriously hard to stop, and so seems the owner’s focus on a new stadium

Drawing a line in the sand

It’s time to try something new.

Explaining the MLB Rule 4 Draft rules

Plus: Breaking news! Awful person continues to be awful.

Finding a new fandom

Are you sick of following the Royals? Is it possible to choose another team?


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