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Hok Talk

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 4 - Does it hold up?

What will they do about Je-hyuk’s shoulder?

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 3 - Does it hold up?

Time to meet a whole new group of characters!

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 2 - Does it hold up?

We begin to get a better idea of what Je-hyuk is really like.

Irrational favorite Royals

The Royals were bad for a very long time. If you still watched regularly you probably had to make some...interesting calls about who your favorite players were.

Hok’s HoF ballot

Who would make it into the Hall of Fame if you were in charge?

Prison Playbook (2017) - Ep. 1 - Does it hold up?

MLB is locked out, so let’s dive into a Korean Drama about a pro baseball player!

Capitalism is ruining baseball

Note: This is not a hit job on owners.

Dune (2021) - Does it hold up?

The legendary science fiction epic seeks an answer to the question: Is the third time the charm?

The Royals will inexplicably return almost their entire 2021 coaching staff in 2022

Dayton Moore, J.J. Piccolo, and Mike Matheny all agree: the coaching staff was ideal in 2021. But are they right?

Both sides are not equally greedy

An MLB work stoppage seems entirely plausible this off-season, but that doesn’t mean both sides are at equal fault.

Minor Leaguers get some much-needed good news

After this, there should be no more stories of six guys sleeping in a single bedroom...right?

2021 Royals Season in Review - Jake Brentz

Jake started hot but didn’t exactly finish strong

Aggressiveness is how you win

The Royals could stand to learn a lesson from the uncharacteristic struggles of the team across the parking lot

Offseason moves to make the 2022 Royals playoff contenders

Hey, it could happen!

Nicky Lopez’s 2021 is a story of great success and disappointing failure

Nicky’s meteoric rise also highlights just how bad the Royals’ hitting has been this year.

The Royals have the pitching to compete in 2022

If they don’t make the playoffs next year it will likely be because Dayton Moore didn’t do enough to improve the lineup

Fans should boo if they want to

Booing is a part of the sports experience

Brady Singer should ditch his changeup

It’s not very good

Why Ryan O’Hearn suddenly has a future

The big lefty has been making big changes

Hok Talk - The most frustrating team

I’d call it a rollercoaster but rollercoasters are supposed to be fun

Hok Talk - Trade deadline review

The Royals mostly stand pat during a deadline otherwise flooded with activity.

Hok Talk: What are coaches for?

Players play the game but the coaches have to have SOME purpose, right?

Hok Talk: Things are about to get tense

That was a very relaxing week. Now let’s turn up the Hot Stove. (As opposed to the Cold Stove, I guess)

Hok Talk - Royals walks are just the beginning

They’re just a symptom.

Mailbag time!

Time to answer some questions about the team now that they’ve officially played more games than the entire 2020 season

Hok Talk - Media availability and mental health part two

Somehow things got worse.

Hok Talk - Media availability and mental health

How much access do athletes owe media and fans?

Hok Talk: The Royals relievers aren’t as bad as you think

Royals fans are a bit spoiled

Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story (2018) - Does it hold up?

The documentary chronicles the struggles of the former Royals reliever.

Hok Talk: Evaluating Daniel Lynch’s first start


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