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Hok Talk

Remembering the 1998 home run race

That sure was a fun season

As Ned Yost inducted to Royals Hall of Fame, a lesson for Matt Quatraro

Ned Yost wasn’t always a lock for the Royals Hall of Fame, what can new manager Matt Quatraro do to achieve the same end?

The diverging futures of Bobby Witt and Brady Singer

One should be a Royal for life, and the other should find success with a different team.

The Royals step on yet another rake with latest press release

This is a billion-dollar franchise. How does this keep happening?

SEIU Local 1 files amended charges in NLRB case against Royals

The Royals are facing additional scrutiny for their recent labor negotiations.

Ranking the Royals’ deadline deals

Number four might surprise you!

Fixing Final Fantasy XVI Part 2 - Jill Warrick

She’s got a terrific foundation, but the writers forgot to build on it.

Fixing Final Fantasy XVI Part 1 - Benedikta Harman

The game is so good you wish it was better.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion is a dud

We are halfway through the season or series, and it just has not been good.

Sherman tanks press conference

Tanks are notoriously hard to stop, and so seems the owner’s focus on a new stadium

Drawing a line in the sand

It’s time to try something new.

Explaining the MLB Rule 4 Draft rules

Plus: Breaking news! Awful person continues to be awful.

Finding a new fandom

Are you sick of following the Royals? Is it possible to choose another team?

MLB: The Show 2023 Negro Leagues Storylines review

Much ado was made about this new addition to annual sports simulator. Should you play it?

Apple TV+’s Friday Night Baseball is a good thing, actually

Do not sleep on this!

The Royals’ pitching situation is pathetic

Things are bad and they are bad in very similar ways to how they have been bad for a while.

The Royals finally have an offense. What changed?

Did Jobu start listening to their prayers?

These Royals are unlucky AND awful

But that might be good news for Royals fans

The Royals are bad. Is that intentional?

Is it a coincidence that the Royals are truly awful at a time when the owner is trying to convince people that they need a new stadium to be competitive?

The Royals’ starting pitchers are unrecognizable

Despite returning four pitchers, the starting rotation looks drastically different

Overreacting to Opening Day 2023

That didn’t go great

What to watch for from the 2023 Royals

Obviously, winning the World Series would be ideal, but what else is there?

How superstitious are you?

Maybe you’re not superstitious, but you’re at least a little stitious?

Uh-oh! The Royals’ Spring Training success is making me want to believe again

What if they really are in the best shape of their lives???

Predicting the Opening Day roster a week into Spring Training

In fewer than four weeks, 26 men will take the field for the Kansas City Royals. But which 26?

Just another stress-free weekend for KC sports fans

There’s less reason to get worked up over a loss when you know your team will likely compete again next year

Finding positivity in the Royals’ off-season

As spring training approaches, it is time to start looking for the silver linings

Can the Royals really turn this around by 2024?

J.J. Picollo did an interview with MLB this week, but the teams actions show he may be a bit optimistic.

The Royals are becoming villains

Maybe I’ve watched too many movies, but this feels familiar.

Ed (1996) - Does it hold up?

There might be a reason Matt LeBlanc’s movie career never took off.