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Royals 2015 Game Threads

ALDS Game 2 Overflow Thread #2

ALDS Game 2 Overflow Thread #2

ALDS Game 2 Overflow Thread #1

ALDS Game 2 Overflow Thread #1

ALCS Game 2 Open Thread: Astros at Royals

Today is a new day. Today is also Cueto Day.

Roys V. Stros ALDS Game I Overflow Thread 2

Astros up 4-2.

Royals V. Astros ALDS Game I Overflow Thread 1

The game will resume shortly.

ALDS Game One Thread: Astros at Royals

Finally, it's time.

Royals V. Twins: Game CLXI Thread

The doorstep.

Game 160 Open Thread: Royals vs. Twins

Deny the Twins the playoffs.

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Game Thread 159: Royals vs. White Sox

Royals vs. White Sox, Game 158 Game Thread

Now behind in home-field advantage, the Royals need to take some wins if they want it back.

Game CLVII Thread: Royals vs. Pale Hoes

Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija battle one another and disappointment.

Game CLVI Thread: Royals vs. Cubs

Kyle Hendricks dukes it out with Yordano Ventura.

Game 155 Thread: Indians vs Royals Finale

Somewhere, in an alternate universe, Ned Yost is being lambasted for driving his players into the ground.

Royals V. Cleveland: Game CLIV Thread

Friday Night Thread: Indians at AL Central Champs

The American League Central championship is clinched. What now?

Royals vs. Mariners, Game 151 Game Thread

Guthrie is still (pitching).

Game CL Thread: Mariners vs. Royals

The Battle for Grass Creek apparently matters little to Ned Yost and the Royals right now.

Royals V. Tigers: Game CXLVIII Thread

Wherefore art thou, team?

Game 146 Thread: Indians vs. Royals Finale

Let's get a win and then another win, yeah?

Royals vs. Indians, Game 145 Game Thread

Medlen & The Pen is a great show.

Game CXLIV Thread: Kansas City versus Cleveland

Kris Medlen goes against Josh Tomlin.

Game CXLIII Thread: Kansas City vs. Cleveland

Edinson Volquez tries to right Royals' ship against Carlos Carrasco.

Game 142 Open Thread: Royals vs. Orioles

The Royals play on the national stage for ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball!

Royals vs. Orioles game thread: a new day

We presume today won't contain two grand slams in one inning.

Royals vs. Twins, Game 139 Game Thread

The Twins continue to fight for a playoff spot (!), while the Royals fight for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs (!).

Game CXXXVIII Thread: Twins vs. Royals

The fire of generations of mutual disgust rages out of control tonight.

Game CXXXV Thread: Pail Hose vs. Royals

The vexed by the Royals southpaw Jose Quintana faces pitch-inefficient Danny Duffy.

Game CXXXIV Thread: Pale Hoes vs. Royals

John Danks faces off against Kris Medlen.

Game 133 Thread - Tigers vs. Royals Finale

Steady Eddie time.

Royals vs. Tigers, Game 132 GameThread

Let's throw fire!

Game CXXXI Thread: Tigers vs. Royals

It's Johnny Cueto and Alex Gordon Day! Kate Upton's arm candy faces off against the best hair in baseball.

Game 128 Open Thread: Royals vs. Rays

No more Omar?


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