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Royals Analysis

The Royals are playing well in September, what does that mean?

Should we expect this to carry over to next year?

Incredibly bad bullpens

I’m not even mad, that’s amazing

Nelson Velázquez: Future piece, or flash in the pan?

The newly-acquired outfielder has been quite the power bat for Kansas City

What’s a guy gotta do? Take a look at MJ Melendez

He’s been really good for months now.

Time comes for us all

There is no escape.

Maikel Garcia is a monster in waiting

He’s got the power inside

Cole Ragans has the Stuff+

Pitch modeling shows why his recent success is not a fluke

The breakout season of Bobby Witt Jr. explained in three stats

Hittin’ homers while striking out less? Seems good.

Here’s what a Bobby Witt Jr. extension might look like

Witt is gonna make a ton of money. How much?

How should we evaluate players on a historically bad team? It’s complicated.

Royals fans have been in this spot before

Freddy Fermin and 28 year-old rookies

What can we expect from Fermin going forward?

Echoes of the Past: Lopez trade a warped reflection of Yuni trade

An unpleasant trip down memory lane

Spending your way to success: can the Royals replicate the Rangers?

In short, not really

The Bobby Witt Jr. we were waiting for has probably arrived

Bobby Witt Jr. is fixing things as he goes, and it is working.

Nobody is talking about Carlos Hernandez, but we should be

He’s been very good!

Someone should get Brady Singer to chat with Jake Diekman

Diekman is using the changeup more and it has been working

Evaluating Royals pitchers halfway through the season

There hasn’t been as much raiding the zone as I’d like.

Taking a look at pitch clock violations for the Royals

It’s been half a season, who are the worst pitch clock offenders?

Roni Cabrera latest addition to growing talent for Royals Dominican team

The Dominican Royals should have your attention.

Evaluating Royals position players halfway through the season

Spoiler alert: They’ve been really bad!

Grading 2022 trades to prepare for the 2023 deadline

Last year’s trades were not bad, but also not great

Swing decisions and sending players back to the minors

I am actually more worried about MJ Melendez than any of the other young players

Would and could the Royals really trade Salvador Perez?

What’s going on here?

Are the Royals really THIS bad?

Our expectations were low but holy crap.

The Royals might have the best defensive infield in baseball

This infield has been special since trading Dozier for Garcia

Introducing your new and improved(?) Mike Mayers

There is only one truly new thing, and a lot of reasons to think he will regress

The Royals have been extremely unlucky this year at the plate

Lady Luck is not a Royals fan

Revisiting the Salvador Perez extension

Perez very well could be worth every penny the Royals pay him even at the end of this contract.

Lessons learned from the Hunter Dozier deal

Will the deal scare the Royals from signing their next crop of young players?

Thinking about a Vinnie Pasquantino long-term deal

How much would it take to sign the Royals slugger?

Avoiding the disaster start

One key to winning is not immediately giving the game away. Who knew?

Putting the Royals’ offensive explosion in context

One streak does not a good offense make, but...