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Royals Analysis

The Bobby Witt Jr. reactions are out of control

The extension is unequivocally good news for Royals fans, but it seems that many people think it means things that don’t necessarily follow.

A deeper dive into Bobby Witt Jr.’s shiny new contract

Teams in the middle: Royals 2024 win projections

What does being near average in everything get an MLB team like the Royals?

On exaggerated rumors of a farm system’s demise

Is it really as bad as so many will have you believe?

The Chiefs are showing why its so important to make it to the playoffs

Once you’re in the dance, anything can happen

Royals sign Adam Frazier to one-year deal

The 32-year-old left-hander has primarily played second base but can play all over the outfield and infield

This may be the best Royals rotation in a long, long time

The bar has not been high in a while either, but this rotation looks like the best of this century if things break right.

Projecting the Royals’ 26-man roster

The Royals seem like they might be done making moves. What is the roster going to look like come Opening Day?

Two Royals hitters show some surprising projections

Nelson Velazquez and MJ Melendez have Steamer projections that probably don’t match up to fan expectations.

A look at the Royals bullpen: Who’s in and who’s out?

With a handful of newcomers, there’s a small roster crunch.

A look at potential Royals non-roster invitees next spring

Last year the Royals had 24 non-roster invitees.

Comparing a Bobby Witt Jr. extension to the market

How does the young shortstop compare?

Does the Royals free agent spending spree mean anything for a Bobby Witt extension?

Witt’s deal would be expensive, that’s for sure.

Shohei Ohtani, corporate finance, and a win-win contract?

This contract is extremely favorable to the Dodgers from a business perspective. It may also be extremely favorable to Ohtani’s tax bill.

The 2024 Royals roster looks immensely better, but what about beyond?

After 2024, many of the recent free agent deals include opt-outs.

After finding a better floor, what’s next for the Royals?

The "worst case" looks better. But what’s the best-case?

The Curious Case of MJ Melendez

The catcher-turned-outfielder is entering make-or-break territory

Could the Royals make a trade for Randy Arozarena work?

The Rays are reportedly listening to trade offers.

A look at the crowded Royals infield ahead

The case for each young hitter in 2024

Has the Royals' next competitive window started to come into focus?

As puzzle pieces come together, the picture grows clearer.

The clock is ticking and time is against the Royals

This winter can’t be the same waiting game as always.

Will baseball players make less a generation from now?

We are at an inflection point in the sport that could change the game drastically over the next decade

The 10 worst losses by the Royals since they won the World Series

Introducing the LOSER metric

The best power/speed seasons in MLB history

Where does Bobby Witt Jr. rank with his 30/30 season?

The Royals Review Top 30 Prospects List

What’s your opinion on the state of the farm at the end of 2023?

Was this the worst bullpen in franchise history?

The relief corps struggled tremendously.

A look at starting pitcher options for the 2024 Royals

The MLB roster needs at least two more starters

Don’t tell anyone, but the Royals might have an above average offense already

Cutting the fat plus improvements from a few players is paying dividends in Kansas City

Is Nelson Velazquez a future core piece for the Royals?

Nelson is a power hitter through and through

The Royals are playing well in September, what does that mean?

Should we expect this to carry over to next year?

Incredibly bad bullpens

I’m not even mad, that’s amazing

Nelson Velázquez: Future piece, or flash in the pan?

The newly-acquired outfielder has been quite the power bat for Kansas City


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