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Royals Analysis

Assessing the Royals after 40 games

It is not pretty.

Is Nicky Lopez slumping or regressing?

Is this just a slow start, or is this who he really is?

Can Zack Greinke keep this up?

He’s pitching like it’s 1935

Let’s blow up the 2022 Royals

Here we go, friends

Searching for signs of life in the Royals offense

Are there brighter days ahead for the bats?

404: line drives not found

No line drives. A bunch of fly balls.

Bad hitters, bad offense. It’s not hard.

Everybody’s overthinking it

The Royals need to get Brady Singer more innings

The dude needs to pitch

Whit Merrifield is still good, but he shouldn’t lead off anymore

He shouldn’t be The Guy at the top anymore

What should we expect from the Royals defense?

Flash the leather

The Royals Have A DH Problem

It isn’t a new problem, either

Recent history suggests Ryan O’Hearn may still have a chance

He’s been bad, but he’s not yet out.

Any defensive alignment without Merrifield at second base is probably the wrong one

He’s still a good second baseman. It’s not so true elsewhere.

How the 2022 Royals can improve on last year’s team without much effort

There are some low hanging fruit available

Can Nicky repeat his success next season?

The most improved player.

How did the 2021 Shadow Royals do compared to the real life team?

Which team did better?

Why Salvador Perez won’t and shouldn’t win the MVP

OBP, baby!

Why we should temper our expectations about the 2018 draft class of pitchers

Succeeding in the big leagues is hard!

Hunter Dozier isn’t a viable big league starter any more

This has been a worst case scenario for the big Texan

The defensive quirk at the core of the Salvador Perez’s Cooperstown arguments

Two words: pitch framing

Tanking isn’t like it used to be

The Royals have been bad, but they have not taken the extra step towards tanking

Brady Singer would be a killer bullpen arm, but this is why he’ll stay a starter

Starters are just more valuable

Carlos Santana has never been this bad for this long

He’s been in a big ol’ slump

Put Salvador Perez in the Home Run Derby!

This isn’t just Royals fan talk, either.

Who’s most to blame for the Royals’ runners in scoring position woes?

They’ve struggled to score recently. Why?

Rookie pitchers don’t usually struggle this much early on

Should we be alarmed at the early results from Royals rookie pitchers?

Salvy is more aggressive than ever, and somehow it’s working

Salvy is ambushing better than anyone in baseball.

Salvador Perez has been raking this season

Can he sustain it or will he drop off?

Kelvin Gutierrez, Destroyer of Worms

He’s strong but hits way too many grounders

It might be time to start worrying about Whit Merrifield

He’s hit poorly, and at his age that’s a red flag

Calls to move Adalberto Mondesí off shortstop are off the mark

How media perception is losing out on a player’s value.

The Royals have the worst defensive infield in baseball

It’s been a problem


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