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Royals Analysis

2022 Season in review: Daniel Lynch

Tantalizing talent still not being realized

Why the Royals should wait to extend Witt and company until next year

Extensions are good, but being careful is good, too

The enigma of Adalberto Mondesi

What to do with a glass cannon

The 2021 Royals draft class, one year later

How are the kids doing?

Yes, the Royals have been thrown out on the basepaths a lot this year

Outs at second, third, and home, oh my!

Bobby Witt Jr. could be a plus defender next season

Defensive metrics are hard to trust without multiple years of data.

Royals pitchers have been hosed by umpires this year

They haven’t been great, but they’re not getting the benefit of the doubt either

A case against banning the shift

A misguided solution to offensive woes

Can Bobby Witt Jr. improve his walk rate?

Low rookie walk rates do not doom a player for all time.

How new rules in 2023 will affect the Royals

The Royals will have to pick up the pace.

The Royals need a lot more from the bullpen next season

Good teams have good bullpens in this era of baseball

Royals rookies show a fundamental change in hitting approach in the organization

Royals hitters are finally drawing walks

Young rookies usually struggle. It’s what happens next that is most important.

Rookie struggles are the norm

Is Daniel Lynch another Danny Duffy?

Danny Duffy Part Deux?

The long-term effects of Hunter Dozier’s contract

He’s getting at-bats that should be going to the kids

Investigating the improvement of the Royals offense

These dudes can hit now.

Is Brady Singer a number 2 starter now?

Brady Singer is in the top 60 starting pitchers this year for sure, so where does he slot in a rotation?

It is time to talk about Bobby Witt Jr.’s defense

It has been not good

What has led to Kris Bubic’s recent success?

Hint: it’s not a slider

The Royals pitching staff walks too many batters, but at least they also can’t strike anybody out

It’s a bad combination.

It sure seems like the Royals wildly mishandled Salvador Perez’s thumb injury

The Royals sent Perez back to the field while he was still injured

In a hopeless season, highly-regarded rookies shine

The team sucks, but at least the rooks are hitting

Assessing the Royals after 40 games

It is not pretty.

Is Nicky Lopez slumping or regressing?

Is this just a slow start, or is this who he really is?

Can Zack Greinke keep this up?

He’s pitching like it’s 1935

Let’s blow up the 2022 Royals

Here we go, friends

Searching for signs of life in the Royals offense

Are there brighter days ahead for the bats?

404: line drives not found

No line drives. A bunch of fly balls.

Bad hitters, bad offense. It’s not hard.

Everybody’s overthinking it

The Royals need to get Brady Singer more innings

The dude needs to pitch

Whit Merrifield is still good, but he shouldn’t lead off anymore

He shouldn’t be The Guy at the top anymore

What should we expect from the Royals defense?

Flash the leather