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Royals Analysis

Salvador Perez has been raking this season

Can he sustain it or will he drop off?

Kelvin Gutierrez, Destroyer of Worms

He’s strong but hits way too many grounders

It might be time to start worrying about Whit Merrifield

He’s hit poorly, and at his age that’s a red flag

Calls to move Adalberto Mondesí off shortstop are off the mark

How media perception is losing out on a player’s value.

The Royals have the worst defensive infield in baseball

It’s been a problem

What are the Royals’ playoff odds now?

Does a hot start make the computers hate the (first place) Royals less?

Nicky Lopez is threading the needle

He’s succeeding at the plate for the first time in his career

Jakob Junis was great yesterday, but he’s still built for the bullpen

Don’t be swayed by yesterday’s pleasant surprise just yet

What would a long-term deal with Adalberto Mondesi look like?

The Royals have been committing to their players lately.

Will the Royals improve their walk rate this season?

Are the Royals a patient team now?

Baseball statistics you should be using: wRC+

Let’s figure out how to use a key statistic

Let’s try to get another Royals player in the Hall of Fame

It looks like a steep climb.

Could we see a six-man rotation in 2021?

It could get some arms on the field.

Where are we now compared to the last rebuild?

When is the winning gonna get here?

The Royals should probably stop yanking Hunter Dozier around on defense

Give him a position and stick to it.

Michael Taylor and his revamped swing

Fewer strikeouts and more power. Who doesn’t want that?

What changed for Mike Minor this year?

He went from getting Cy Young votes in 2019 to getting traded for guys who are just happy to be on a big leaguer’s Baseball Reference page.

Let’s talk about baserunning and Nicky Lopez

He was oh-for in the stolen base category this year.

What a Brady Singer extension might look like

Singer had a fabulous rookie season, why not lock him up?

Evaluating and Extending Brad Keller

What can Brad Keller expect to get in a contract extension right now and should the Royals even offer it?

The three ways the Royals’ offseason could go

Which approach do you like the most?

Why aren’t the Royals a good defensive team?

They leave a lot to be desired on the field

Has Kansas City’s brutal schedule played into their record?

Spoiler: it has.

Can Nicky Lopez stick in the big leagues with a lack of power?

It would need to involve a big change

This Royals’ roster is a tale of two age groups

Predictably, Brady Singer has struggled mightily with getting lefties out

Can he fix his biggest problem?

The Royals have quietly had a tricky schedule so far

They haven’t played a team with a losing record yet

The (Potential) Revenge of Ryan O’Hearn

Can O’Hearn rebound in 2020?

Which Royals prospects are going to make their big league debut this year?

Who’s gonna get their ticket to The Show?

A lost minor league season is a big blow to Bobby Witt, Jr.

A lost season for Bobby Witt, Jr. is a heavy price for the Royals to pay

What can we reasonably expect from Asa Lacy based on his draft position?

What have his draft peers done?

The best 82-game stretches in the Dayton Moore era

Could bad teams have succeeded?


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