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Royals Bibliomancy

Divination by book.

Royals Bibliomancy, World Series Edition: "John Milton, Englishman" by James Holly Hanford

The simplest way to make a World Series prediction is to open the nearest book.

Royals Bibliomancy: Lesson Five from The Realm of Prester John by Robert Silverberg

The Royals have reason to believe in 2012. The answer lies written.

Royals Take Bubba Starling in 2011 MLB Draft First Round: Lessons from Bibliomancy

There is meaning beyond meaning for Bubba Starling.

Danny Duffy Callup: A Special Call to Bibliomancy

Using divination by books to understand Royals baseball.

Royals Bibliomancy - Lesson Four from John W. Campbell's "The Moon is Hell"

Insight into the Royal catching situation from a 1951 sci-fi novel.

Royals Bibliomancy - Lesson Three: "British Folk-Tales and Legends" by Katharine Briggs

The Royals answers are there waiting for you.

Royals Bibliomancy - Lesson Two from "Fields of Fire" by James Webb

Using messages from the beyond to understand Royals baseball.

Royals Bibliomancy: Lesson One from "The Age of Humanism, 1435-1517"

Using books to gain insight into the future and lessons about the Royals.