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Royals Editorials & Reactions

A salute to Zack Greinke

If this is it for Zack Greinke, it has been quite a ride.

Oh, to have the job security of a Royals front office executive

It’s a great gig, if you can get it

The Royals have relied less on veterans, but there is still room to improve

Why are these guys on the roster?

The Royals were right and I was wrong - Cole Ragans is a dude

The Royals appear to have found a gem in Ragans.

After a season this bad, the front office still needs shaking up

No new talent in the front office is bad news

The value of a stadium entertainment district

Imitating the Braves is very valuable to the Royals owners

The Royals can’t afford not to trade Brady Singer this offseason

He’s too valuable with too few years of control

It’s okay to believe once again

Maybe this year is different.

Michael Massey and Drew Waters are the tipping points for the offense

Can they take another step?

I want to believe, but we need to see sustained results

A six-game streak is a start

Trade deadline reveals Royals’ data-driven approach, but Picollo has yet to put his stamp on the team

The big moves could come this off-season.

MJ Melendez is so close

Just not improved quite enough

Royals fans, J.J. Picollo is not Dayton Moore

Dayton Moore has come and gone. What is the point of thinking J.J. Picollo is simply Moore 2.0?

The Royals bombed their first real test of the JJ Picollo era

Unnecessary risk with no urgency.

Despite risks, Royals bank on high school players in draft

The Royals are banking a lot on their player development.

Like the rest of us, Greinke and Salvy are fighting losing battles with Father Time

It is the twilight of their careers

Kansas City’s pitching development is changing - is it enough?

Reclaiming the currency of baseball.

Fangraphs’ ranking of top Royals prospects is a bit head-scratching

FanGraphs released their updated list on Monday

The Royals, regrettably, have once again chosen MLB-readiness over upside

Was the lack of rotation depth a motivator?

A second look at the Royals’ trade deadline assets

Who might be available in July?

Edward Olivares is following Hunter Dozier’s career arc

He’s cheap, but he’s not a long-term option

Could Maikel Garcia win Rookie of the Year?

He’s been one of the only bright spots in a disappointing season.

The entire Royals organization is a mess right now

Bad, bad, bad

The Royals are in a galaxy far, far away from contention

Next year? Not likely.

For a once promising crop of Royals pitchers, it’s now or never

At least we made some friends along the way

Monday Mailbag: Where in the world is Asa Lacy?

From J.J. Picollo to Asa Lacy and everywhere in between

I am begging the Royals to focus on upside and not MLB readiness in trade returns

Please, I don’t care if they made their debut yet

Bobby Witt’s hitting is a problem, whether you want to admit or not

He can be so much more.

An infield logjam could result in a Nicky Lopez or Maikel Garcia trade

Nicky and Maikel are a wee bit out of place on this team

Credit where it is due: The new Royals skipper has been good

Short of being a literal magician, he’s been as advertised

Which Royals might be available at this year’s trade deadline?

Will J.J. Picollo have a "transactional" approach this July?

Three things that are going right for the Royals

Not everything is bad!