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Royals Editorials & Reactions

The Royals front office is cultivating an attitude of insulting fan intelligence

Fans are mad for good reasons

Position players pitching used to be fun but now it’s just a farce

Come on, try a little!

The Royals are comfortable with being an embarrassment, and that makes me sad

I thought things could be better. I was wrong.

Five years, no progress: it’s time to clean house

Moore and his front office must go.

Cal Eldred needs to go

The pitching staff hasn’t gotten any better.

The Royals are so close to being fun if they would just get over themselves

The lineup is close. So close, and yet so far.

The Royals are awful. The problem is that they are awful and trying to win.

The Royals stink, but they stink for no reason

Bringing runners home from third

Is that the key to the offense?

Jake Junis is the Royals’ best starter, which is why Cal Eldred needs to go next

It’s time to continue to clean house.

After 16 years, the Royals front office is making the same mistakes it always has

These are the same problems that have always plagued the team.

Watching Ryan O’Hearn hit cleanup in 2022 is like stepping on a LEGO brick barefoot

It is far more painful than it should be.

A tale of two struggles

There is still hope!

Kansas City’s roster construction and usage has been baffling

What are they going for? Does anybody know?

Never bunt, ever, ever, ever

They’re always worse than doing nothing

Royals need to embrace, not fear, being different

The Royals could—and should—make some lineup changes with an eye toward contending in 2023. That starts with benching two veterans.

Four reasonable takeaways from the opening series

Royals baseball is back!

One way or another, this is The Year for Adalberto Mondesi

Can he be a contributor?

The Royals have quietly put together the hardest throwing bullpen in baseball

Fastballs for days

Death to pitchers hitting and long live the designated hitter, baby

It’s been a long time coming

Why you should care that the players are fighting for money

It matters.

A visual comparison of how much wealthier owners are than the median MLB player

It is...not close.

What would an NBA-style salary floor and salary cap look like for MLB?

It’s not gonna happen, but. It’s interesting!

Four things I am hoping for this season

Wishful thinking.

Manfred and the MLB owners are either very bad at their jobs or are lying

They say they are trying to negotiate. They are not.

Meet Vinnie Pasquantino, the sleeper slugger whose name you won’t forget

We’re here to mash homers and not strike out

Three Royals players who need to bounce back in 2022

We need a rebound.

Royals top hitting prospects are ready to contribute, according to ZIPS projections

The future is now!

It has been a long time since the glory days

It feels so close but it’s been a while.

The owners are at fault for the lockout even though the lockout hurts their teams

The lockout was not necessary

Do you want to see expanded playoffs in baseball?

It is Always October.

Standing pat in free agency may be boring, but it was absolutely the right call

Boring, but necessary

Royals fans are getting restless

Amid a flurry of activity, the Royals have been quiet.


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