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Royals Editorials & Reactions

It has been a long time since the glory days

It feels so close but it’s been a while.

The owners are at fault for the lockout even though the lockout hurts their teams

The lockout was not necessary

Do you want to see expanded playoffs in baseball?

It is Always October.

Standing pat in free agency may be boring, but it was absolutely the right call

Boring, but necessary

Royals fans are getting restless

Amid a flurry of activity, the Royals have been quiet.

The looming lockout stinks, but it has made the free agency period amazing

Buxton? Semien? Everybody’s signing!

Should the Royals target starting pitchers in free agency?

How I assembled the 2022 Shadow Royals

Duffy’s back, baby!

Social media is a cruel, uneven playing field for fans and athletes

Social media is a mess, and we’ve all been witness recently

Is it a problem that starting pitchers are pulled so early now?

Are quick hooks good for strategy...or the game?

Next year’s looming infield conundrum will work itself out

No need to overthink it

The Royals are what we thought they were

At the end of the day, there surprises

The Royals saved Whit Merrifield from themselves

In a down year at the plate, Whit’s defense has given him value

It sure would be nice to have a player just like Brett Phillips right now, wouldn’t it?

Royals need a long-term center fielder, but, well, whoops

Wade Davis and Greg Holland are washed, but it was a fun ride while it lasted

Just not this year

Just play Edward Olivares everyday, already!

Let’s see what the kid can do.

The Royals can’t or won’t make the hard decisions

Learn a thing or two from the Cubs

Bring back Friends in Low Places for the sixth inning you cowards

I can’t believe that I’m saying this

I want to believe

I want everyone to improve, though I know that’s not likely

The Wade Davis/Jorge Soler trade was a dud

The Royals tried to have it both ways and failed.

The Mets failed to sign Kumar Rocker, does that make the Royals’ draft look better?

Which risk are you willing to take on?

A quiet trade deadline puts more pressure on the Royals to contend next year

They believe in themselves.

Carlos Hernandez and the curious case of great stuff

Lots of velo. Lots of runs given up, too

Backdoor sliders

Another .400 summer

The Royals could look a lot different in August

Like, a LOT different

The Royals’ 2021 draft was an exercise in hubris

They believe in themselves, that’s for sure.

It’s time for the Royals to follow their own advice on being “transactional.” They won’t.

It’s time to trade value now for value later

Hok Talk: What to make of Matheny’s “chase every win” philosophy?

Jeffrey Flanagan chimes on the skipper.

Someone’s gonna have to take accountability for the losing sometime

It’s not the losing, but the attempt at winning that hurts

You should turn off the game if you want to

The Royals are bad right now. You shouldn’t have to keep watching.

Dayton Moore’s success and failures tell the same story

They tell one story.

Thinking Out Loud: On what to do with Adalberto Mondesi


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