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Royals Editorials & Reactions

The Royals can’t or won’t make the hard decisions

Learn a thing or two from the Cubs

Bring back Friends in Low Places for the sixth inning you cowards

I can’t believe that I’m saying this

I want to believe

I want everyone to improve, though I know that’s not likely

The Wade Davis/Jorge Soler trade was a dud

The Royals tried to have it both ways and failed.

The Mets failed to sign Kumar Rocker, does that make the Royals’ draft look better?

Which risk are you willing to take on?

A quiet trade deadline puts more pressure on the Royals to contend next year

They believe in themselves.

Carlos Hernandez and the curious case of great stuff

Lots of velo. Lots of runs given up, too

Backdoor sliders

Another .400 summer

The Royals could look a lot different in August

Like, a LOT different

The Royals’ 2021 draft was an exercise in hubris

They believe in themselves, that’s for sure.

It’s time for the Royals to follow their own advice on being “transactional.” They won’t.

It’s time to trade value now for value later

Hok Talk: What to make of Matheny’s “chase every win” philosophy?

Jeffrey Flanagan chimes on the skipper.

Someone’s gonna have to take accountability for the losing sometime

It’s not the losing, but the attempt at winning that hurts

You should turn off the game if you want to

The Royals are bad right now. You shouldn’t have to keep watching.

Dayton Moore’s success and failures tell the same story

They tell one story.

Thinking Out Loud: On what to do with Adalberto Mondesi

Is it time for Cal Eldred to go?

The pitching has been under scrutiny this year.

The Nicky Lopez appreciation thread

Has the infielder found his role?

Let’s talk about the sticky stuff in baseball

Baseball has a problem on its hands.

There are a lot of bad Adalberto Mondesi takes right now

Everyone’s unhappy, but come on

Can we all agree not to overreact to one month of baseball again?

A hot or cold month means very little

The Royals have an upside problem

Where are the position player prospects?

Royals Review Roundtable: What the heck happened to the Royals?

Well, they are losing, for one.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

One bad week has deflated fans’ hopes.

Death, taxes, and early season Royals incompetence

The three constants in this world

The Royals’ silence on COVID-19 vaccinations is disappointing

They have a commitment to the community

A reminder to baseball fans: it’s a marathon, not a sprint

It’s easy to get too into it

Six takeaways from the first Royals game of the season

If the Royals score 14 runs every game, they’re going to be pretty good.

How it could all go right for the Royals in 2021

A winning season isn’t far it?

Unlike with David Glass, the Royals are using the money they have

Props to John Sherman

Adalberto Mondesi is a cautionary tale for promoting Bobby Witt, Jr. too soon

BWJ can be a star. But maybe pump the breaks a little.

Is the risk of baseball in a pandemic worth it?

People are interested in going to games. But at what cost?


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