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Royals Editorials & Reactions

Quatraro to bring collaborative, data-driven approach to Royals

The new skipper will collaborate and listen.

The Royals front office has a long road ahead of them

Becoming a data driven team is a long an involved process, but it is worth it

The ghost runner rule is good

Let’s not overthink it

Matt Quatraro isn’t a splashy hire - and that’s a good thing

The Royals need substance over sizzle.

Once again, I implore MLB to treat playoff games like the primetime events they are

Please, no more weekday day games

Royals Review Roundtable: We survived the 2022 Royals season

But Mike Matheny did not.

The 2014 and 2015 playoff runs are finally, mercifully in the past

It is time to look forward

Baseball’s Ozymandias, King of Kings: Dayton Moore

Look on his works, ye mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains...

Dayton Moore’s recent comments show that the organization is beyond repair

A swing and a miss that insults fans once again

The Athletic details worrying issues with Royals pitching development

There’s a reason why the Royals haven’t pitched well.

The Royals’ season is over, even though there are games to be played

Kansas City has moved on

The long-term effects of Hunter Dozier’s contract

He’s getting at-bats that should be going to the kids

Positional versatility is overrated

Defensive specialization is where it’s at

Losing has consequences everywhere except Kansas City, apparently

Wins and losses should matter

The success of the rebuild depends on John Sherman’s standards

Is 95 losses enough improvement?

The kids are Dayton Moore’s last stand

The cupboard has been emptied, the kids are here. His cards are on the table.

The good vibes are real, and it’s not because the team is better

The team composition is a big deal

Remembering Whit Merrifield, who the Royals mismanaged from the beginning

They didn’t know what they had

The route forward is obvious for the Royals, but will they take it?

Trade vets, play the young guns, revamp pitching.

The Royals vaccination mess reveals the team as something worse than bad: a farce

The unvaccinated players have put the entire organization in a bind

The Royals can fix their roster in one fell swoop before the trade deadline

Play the kids.

Mike Matheny is falling into the same habits that got him fired in St. Louis

Is it time for a fresh voice?

When will the Royals be competitive again?

Not anytime soon.

The Royals front office is cultivating an attitude of insulting fan intelligence

Fans are mad for good reasons

Position players pitching used to be fun but now it’s just a farce

Come on, try a little!

The Royals are comfortable with being an embarrassment, and that makes me sad

I thought things could be better. I was wrong.

Five years, no progress: it’s time to clean house

Moore and his front office must go.

Cal Eldred needs to go

The pitching staff hasn’t gotten any better.

The Royals are so close to being fun if they would just get over themselves

The lineup is close. So close, and yet so far.

The Royals are awful. The problem is that they are awful and trying to win.

The Royals stink, but they stink for no reason

Bringing runners home from third

Is that the key to the offense?

Jake Junis is the Royals’ best starter, which is why Cal Eldred needs to go next

It’s time to continue to clean house.