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Royals Editorials & Reactions

Six takeaways from the first Royals game of the season

If the Royals score 14 runs every game, they’re going to be pretty good.

How it could all go right for the Royals in 2021

A winning season isn’t far it?

Unlike with David Glass, the Royals are using the money they have

Props to John Sherman

Adalberto Mondesi is a cautionary tale for promoting Bobby Witt, Jr. too soon

BWJ can be a star. But maybe pump the breaks a little.

Is the risk of baseball in a pandemic worth it?

People are interested in going to games. But at what cost?

Why signing Jarrod Dyson makes sense for the Royals

There’s value that goes beyond the numbers.

The Hunter Dozier contract shows why the Royals are different

Has the pandemic killed off the long-term deal?

All I want is for the Royals to not stink right out of the gate

It’s so much more fun when they’re good, even for just a bit

These three factors will decide the fate of the Royals in 2021

How do the Royals win in 2021?

Andrew Benintendi represents a qualitative improvement for the Royals organization

It’s more than just getting a better player

The Royals are giving themselves a shot to contend

The message is clear under Kansas City’s new ownership.

The Andrew Benintendi trade tells you what the Royals think of their timeline

It’s time to win, baby.

What a deadened baseball could mean for the Royals

MLB wants the juice out of balls.

There’s only so much one player can do

And yet, narratives persist

Trades don’t need to have winners and losers

Everyone can win sometimes

Constant greatness is boring, but it doesn’t mean it’s not great

Patrick Mahomes is evident of that

The pitch clock is the silver bullet for some of MLB’s self-described problems

Two birds, one stone

The Mets fired their creep GM. What’s next?

MLB culture needs big changes. At whose expense will they come?

It’s nice not to be a cursed sports city anymore

Winning is a load off our collective shoulders

How far will corporate naming rights go in sports?

Is everything for sale?

Nine bold predictions for the Royals in 2021

Will we see Bobby Witt, Jr?

A Royals fan’s New Year’s resolutions

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions as a fan?

Tanking is complicated, and it’s not always the best option

The Royals have not tanked. That’s not a problem.

Those fiscally aggressive Royals

All they do is spend, spend, spend.

No free agent will mask the flaws or promise of the Royals organization

The minor leagues are still the thing to watch.

What the Mike Minor signing means

(And what is doesn’t!)

Royals players I’m buying for 2021

I’m looking forward to seeing these guys.

Dayton Moore expects improvement in 2021

It’s all about getting better.

The Royals say they expect to win this year but I do not believe them

It’s just a thing people say

The Royals are seizing competitive advantages through player development and scouting

Player development is important.

Analytics is not the boogeyman

Analytics is just another tool in the toolbox

The extra innings rule is good, actually

Fewer long extra innings contests and more excitement


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