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Royals Editorials & Reactions

The Royals are seizing competitive advantages through player development and scouting

Player development is important.

Analytics is not the boogeyman

Analytics is just another tool in the toolbox

The extra innings rule is good, actually

Fewer long extra innings contests and more excitement

I kinda want an Eric Hosmer reunion even though it’s a bad idea

It’s dumb, but hey, whatever

These Rays look like the 2014 and 2015 Royals and I love it

Great defense, small market success

What lessons can the Royals learn from this year’s post-season contenders?

What about the lesson that winning is more fun than losing?

The three best (and three worst) things from the 2020 Royals season

The season is over, what was good and what was bad?

Alex Gordon’s retirement is best for everybody, but it’s no less bittersweet

A true legend

The greatest hits of Alex Gordon’s career

And what a career it has been

Farewell to Alex Gordon

As Dr. Seuss tells you, don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

The Mike Matheny Era has been rather boring, which isn’t a bad thing

Much ado about...not much

The Royals need to make some hard decisions about who to shift to the bullpen

Starters are more valuable, but KC needs both

The writing is on the wall for Ryan O’Hearn

It’s just a matter of time before we say goodbye

Looking back on the Ian Kennedy contract

The deal is just about up.

Hot take: The Royals are bad?

They were bad last year, and they’re bad again this year.

The Royals are in the midst of an outfield overhaul

Next year’s outfield should be fun

The Royals failed another trade deadline by not trading Whit Merrifield

Predictable, but still disappointing

It is time we lowered our expectations for Adalberto Mondesi

He has struggled very much this season

The current future face of the Royals: Nicky Lopez

Could Nicky Lopez eventually become the new face of the Royals?

The beginning of the end for Alex Gordon

We’re seeing the swan song for a great career.

The Royals offense both is and isn’t a problem

Placeholders, placeholders everywhere

Ten games into the season, and the 2020 Royals literally aren’t good at anything

It’s not great

Kansas City needs someone to step up to the plate—literally

They need a breakout season in a bad way

I am once again asking Fox Sports Kansas City to talk about meaningful stats

Pleeeeeeasse : - (

Mike Matheny might be the analytics-minded manager we’ve been waiting for

The Royals may be going new school.

Ah yes, losing; hello old friend

Look at this familiar feeling!

Okay, I now fully buy into Bobby Witt, Jr.

After one game, I believe.

Please, let us end the Jorge López saga already

We all know what’s going to happen

Royals get flawed players with intriguing upside in exchange for Tim Hill

These are the kind of deals rebuilding teams should make.

Cool the jets on Bobby Witt Jr. for now

He’s still got a lot to learn

Live baseball is great, but don’t get your hopes up too much

We simply don’t know if it’s going to happen

Some thoughts on the return of baseball

A collection of thoughts including the draft, upcoming season and more.


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