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Royals Game Recaps

Game Recaps

Royals win Wild Card as told through photos

Soak in the most pivotal moments of the Royals defeat of the Athletics in the 2014 MLB AL Wild Card with these awesome photos and save yourself thousands of words in the process.

Guthrie strong as Royals keep rolling with 6-3 win

Its like we expect them to win all the time now. This feeling is weird.

KC (and South Korea) Celebrates as Royals win 4-3

Carroll Led Royals Beat White Sox, Probably

87 wins or bust.

Contention Ended

Mariners shutout Royals for second straight night.

Royals Unable to Handle Tigers, Sanchez, Lose 4-1

It is like two classes of teams on the field.

Royals win eighth straight, may never lose again

Clutch pitching and a timely error helped give the Royals their eighth straight win.

Gordon homer gives Royals sweep, .500 record

The Royals have now won six straight games, and are 8-2 since the All-Star break.

Davis, defense lead Royals to 1-0 victory

The Royals are now 7-2 since the All-Star break.

Home run issues for Guthrie in Royals loss to Rays

There was a scary play involving Rays starter Alex Cobb taking a line drive off the head, but the injury does not appear to be too serious.

Royals manufacture two runs, somehow lose game

The Royals aren't worried about the regular season, you guys. They are getting ready for the playoffs.

Royals defeat White Sox 2-0

Guthrie will lead us to the promised land.

Wade Davis, Mike Moustakas struggle in Royals loss

Not the finest effort from a Royals starter this season.

Royals win on Alex Gordon walk-off single

Alex Gordon proved that he is an American hero on Sunday.

Chen Goads Tigers into Winning, Advances Mission

Royals succeed in losing, conning the Tigers into playing into their master plan. Of course, the 2013 season won't happen because the world will have ended. The devil's in the details.

Luke Oplakia Hochevar: A Real American Hero

If this is Luke Oplakia Hochevar's last start as a Royals, he went down a hero--his performance harkening back to a time in which the good of the whole was more important than that of the individual. Bravo, Luke Oplakia. Bravo.

Winning by losing: The Royal Way.

The quest for a better draft pick continued in Cleveland this evening. Having now dropped six in a row since being eliminated from the playoffs, there can be no argument. The Royals are losing, and they're losing with an elan that must be envied.

The Royals turned Doug Fister into Tom Seaver.

Here's an exercise. I'll give you two nuggets: 1) Doug Fister made history 2) The Royals committed five errors. Who do you think won?

Hochevar, Royals Drop Series Opener in Detroit 6-2

Despite having Billy Butler raise his career batting average against Justin Verlander to .396 with a 3 - 4 night and Alex Gordon hanging dong off the reigning AL Cy Young Award Winner, the Royals offense was only able to muster 2 runs. KC loses 6 - 2

Royals Lose 15 - 4 in Odorizzi's Debut, Eliminated From Playoffs

The Son of God Drives in Game-Winning Run in Bottom of the Ninth, Royals Vanquish Pale Hoes

If there has been one redeeming part of this whole disastrous season, it has been that the Royals have thoroughly throttled the Pale Hoes. Today, it was Eric Hosmer reemerging from these dark years for which he has been absent to guide KC to glory.

Royals Fall to Trumbo, Angels 4 - 3

Early on, it seemed as though we fans were going to get treated to a The Godfather, Part III follow-up to last night's equivalent to The Godfather, Part II. It didn't end up being that bad, but today's game certainly wasn't a good one.

Bullpen, Royals Squander Lead With Sweep on the Line in Minnesota

With a chance to sweep the Twins for the first time in ages, the Royals blew a 3 - 1 lead in the bottom of the 8th, allowing runs in the 8th, 9th, and 10th innings, blowing a save, "earning" an ejection, injuring a Lorenzo, and finally losing the gam

Royals, Holland Barely Hold 10th-inning Lead, Take Game, Series from Pale Hoes

Royals, Holland Barely Hold 10th-inning Lead, Take Game, Series from Pale Hoes: Guthrie sterling in no-decision.

Royals Drop Game, Series in 10th to Rangers

Well, it's going to be an uphill climb for the Royals to make the playoffs now. Though the Royals took the Rangers to extra innings, the Rangers slew of perennial MVP candidates took care of business.

Darvish Flashes Brilliance, Royals Lose Early and Often on Labor Day

After seeing the ineffable Yu Darvish throw a flawless game to the first 17 Royals who came to the plate, the Royals feigned fire in the belly and staged a pseudo-comeback only to come up predictably short against the vastly superior Rangers.

Last-place Twins Score First But Somehow Lose to Royals, Who Avoid Sweep at Home

Royals Ride Around Kauffman Like Witches While Tigers Look on Weeping

What really matters is the sweep, and the Royals rang in the sweep with style with each player on the 25-man roster mounting his broom and flying around the stadium cackling incessantly while taunting the weeping Tigers. All is right in the world.

Royals Lose to PawSawx 5 - 1, Drop Series 3 - 1

Royals Lose to Pawston Red Sox 5 - 1, Drop Series 3 - 1. This is not a team that appears to be close to anything other than the tripe that fans have been subjected to since The Strike. Drink up, kids. It can always get worse, and it usually does.

Boring, Messy Royals Drop to Boston 8 - 6

Leningrad Rays, Hellickson Stymie Western Visitor Royals 5 - 1

Four innings in Leningrad. That is the amount of times that it took the Royals to expose the pyritic hope that a three-game sweep of the Pale Hoes had rekindled over the weekend for what it was.

Royals Sully the Reputation of Visiting Pale Hoes in Demoralizing Defeat, Sweep

While it won't show up in the Win-Loss column, Jeremy Guthrie* was the Royals' player of the game today as the Royals completed a three-game sweep of the ChiSox. *And A.J. Pierzynski's sterling defense.


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