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Royals Game Recaps

Game Recaps

Chicks Dig the Long Ball, Chicks Digging Visiting A's After 3 - 0 Win in Kansas City

Hochevar was surprisingly effective. Granted, he gave up two dongs, but they weren't of the soul-crushing, eight-run variety he usually gives up. When Hochevar is the highlighted player of the game, that doesn't tend to bode well for the Royals.

Royals Lose 5 - 3, Split Four-Game Series in Baltimore

Well, it was a big day for Greek baseball at Camden Yards with both Mike Moustakas and Nick Markakis hanging majestic Grecian dong. That's about all that happened, though. From a Royals fan's perspective, this game complete bore. Bruce Chen and Tomm

Butler Comes A Single Short of the Cycle, Royals Win Big in Charm City

Tonight's game was one of those rare games that Royals fans never really needed to worry about anything. Batting first on the road, Alex Gordon led the game off with a home run. Three at-bats and two base-runners later, Billy Butler hanged some don

Royals Lose 4 - 2 to Pale Hoes, However Culture of Winning Now In Place

If there was one thing made clear in Chicago tonight, it was that the culture of losing and failure is dead and buried in the Kansas City Royals clubhouse. I think I speak for all of us here at Royals Review when I say, "Phew."

Rangers Play Royals Baseball™, Give Royals Win - Yuni DFA Follows

The Royals won with the Rangers turning into the Royals in the ninth and beyond. But don't you worry, kiddos, the Royals were still the Royals, showing the world you can actually win a game playing Kansas City Royals baseball™.

Royals Sweep Indians, World Stops Spinning on Its Axis

In an ultimately boring game with an atypically fulfilling payoff at the end, the Royals ended up eking out an extra innings win against the divisional rival and in the process completed a three-game sweep with an eleventh-inning two-out Alcides Esco

A Royals Game Recap Written Before The Top of the Fifth Was Completed

A Royals Game Recap Written Before The Top of the Fifth Was Completed An exercise in the Royals' predictability.

Royals Lose to Laughably Bad Mariners, Are Laughable Worse.

Royals Lose to Laughably Bad Mariners, Are Laughable Worse. The Royals managed two hits tonight. Scratch that. Billy Butler managed two hits tonight. The rest of the Royals were shut down by Jason Vargas for eight innings.

Royals Turn Back The Clock To 2009 In Another Loss

An examination of Jeff Francoeur's three strikeout, one home run day. In graphical form.

Royals Lose. Again. World Is Shocked.

Royals Lose Predictably to Twins

This Just In: Jonathan Sanchez May Not Be Good At Throwing Baseballs

When The Sanchize was brought into town, it was assumed that he'd win the first of ten straight AL Cy Young Awards in a Royals uniform. Now people are whispering that it might not happen. I'm befuddled. You're befuddled. Even your mother is befuddled

Evil Pale Hoes Defeat The Royals While Kansas Citians Search For Answers

The Royals give up the second of three in this home series against the loathsome and undeniably evil Pale Hoes. All measured, reasonable thought is abandoned as fans look for answers.

Royals Get Swept By Tigers, Run Risk of Being 10.5 Back At The Break

Royals Offense Geysers All Over Toronto

Royals Wallop Jays, Canadians Weep Into Their Tuxedo Sleeves


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