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Royals History

A look back at the 2010 Royals

The organization was on the verge of "flipping the switch".

The most common pitcher-catcher batteries in Royals history

What is the most dynamic duo in Royals history?

Stealing home

The most exciting play

When will we see another Royals no-hitter?

The no-no song goes on

Jeff Conine recounts wild Royals/Angels brawl

It all escalated because of a smoke break.

The best all-time Kansas City Athletics roster

The best of the worst.

A short history of Royal walk-offs

Walk this way.

A look back at the 2004 Royals

Talk about a bad team!

A look back at the Royals’ “lifetime contracts”

Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

The O.J. game

The Juice is loose on the 405.

For the love of old ballparks

Take me out...

The Royals’ 2016 draft class, five years later

The Royals forfeit their first round pick

Pinch pitchers

When a regular gas can won’t do

What months do the Royals play the best?

They are slow starters, but love the summer months.

A look back at July 25, 1999 - George Brett Day at the K

Baby it’s hot outside

Remembering Bud Blattner

He was our Vin Scully.

Remembering former Royals Richie Scheinblum and Joe Beckwith, who died this month

Scheinblum was an All-Star and Beckwith played on the championship club.

What was the best homegrown core of players in Royals history?

The Royals always rely on homegrown talent.

Baseball’s cocaine blues, Part two

The climax.

Baseball’s cocaine blues

She don’t lie.

The highest-ranked prospects in Royals history

Did they all live up to their potential?

A look back at old Royals programs

Beer ads!!

Remembering the career of Al Hrabosky

The Mad Hungarian in Kansas City.

The worst plays and moments in Royals history, part three

The top five worst moments.

The worst plays and moments in Royals history, part two

Number 10 through 6.

The worst plays and moments in Royals history, part one

(Dis)honorable mention.

The best Opening Day hitting performances in Royals history

Michael Taylor is certainly off to a good start.

The longest home runs in Royals history

Put a meal on that thing

The most unlikely Opening Day starters in Royals history

All they need is a chance.

The best names and nicknames in baseball

Cool Papa, Biscuit pants and Cannonball

The greatest plays and moments in Royals history - Part III

The top five.

The history of Royals top prospect performances in spring training

How have studs fared in camp?


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