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Royals History

Former Kansas City A’s and Royals pitcher Dave Wickersham dies at age 86

He was one of the original Royals.

The best Royals baseball cards

How many days until football season?

A look back at Dennis Leonard

One of the best.

A look back at Trey Hillman


A look back at Tony Muser

Milk and tequila, boys

What are the most beautiful plays in Royals history?

Baseball is a beautiful game.

Featured Fanshot

On this day in 1993, Hal McRae goes off

NSFW, language

A look back at Bob Boone

Baseball was the Boone family business.

Players who played all nine positions in one game

Versatility counts!

The best opening day

Let’s have a parade!

The biggest surprises to make the Royals Opening Day roster from the last ten years

It helps to impress during spring training.

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Royals Pitchers Hitting

The Least Bad, The Truly Ugly and the Downright Strange

A history of shortened Royals seasons

They don’t always get 162 in.

Old ballparks, Part IV

Midwest memories

Remembering the career of John Wathan

Let me tell you something, pilgrim.

A look back at the 1995 Royals

The last time the season began late because of a work stoppage.

Old Stadiums, Part III

The Jewel box edition

The Baseball Hall of Fame character standard

Should it apply?

Old ballparks, Part II

Long gone baseball cathedrals

The hole in right field

Can you spare a player, brother?

Royals managers: Mike Ferraro and Billy Gardner

The loss of Dick Howser left a void.

The greatest reclamation projects in Royals history

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Who will make the Royals Hall of Fame?

The envelope please

In memoriam: the Royals we lost in 2021

Rest in peace.

Native American Baseball Players, Part II

Part Two

The Royals players we wish had stayed healthy

Injuries are a part of a game, but we wish they weren’t for these players.

Native American Baseball Players, Part I

An overlooked group of players in baseball history.

On this day in Royals history - Dayton Moore signs Gil Meche

The five-year, $55 million deal was tied for the largest in club history at the time.

A chat with former Royals slugger Steve Balboni

The former Royals home run record-holder looks back on his time in Kansas City.

Stranger things

There’s always a sideshow

The legend of George Toma

The Sodfather.

What’s your favorite Royals World Series moment?

Royals win! Royals win!


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