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Royals Humor, Satire, & Nonsense

Royals players as alcoholic beverages


Classic Off-Topic Thread: Late Nights at the (End) of June

No baseball. Time for chat.

Generative AI and the future of baseball analysis

In the future I won’t have to write for you anymore, the computer will do it for me!

Nate Eaton: two-way superstar

Well, superstar may be a bit of a stretch

Royals Review 2023 NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge

It’s time to place your metaphorical bets

The best pictures from 2023 Spring Training photo day


Creating a football team with the Royals 40-man roster

They lack some size, but they don’t lack speed

A tribute to Nicky Lopez home runs

Nicky nukes are a rare treat

We’re gonna need a way to differentiate “Witt” and “Whit” now, and fast

It’s chaos out there. Chaos!

Royals Review 2022 NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge

It’s time to put it on the line.

J. J. Picollo is the nefarious force behind the lockout

It appears to have been an accident.

A visual comparison of how much wealthier owners are than the median MLB player

It is...not close.

Kansas City Royals players as memes from the Surreal Meme Bot Twitter account

Why not

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2021 Royals Holiday Gift Guide

Monday Off Topic Thread: Spooky Season is Here

Along with big ‘ol skeletons

A way too early look at the ten best draft picks in the 2022 MLB draft

It’s really early, but hey, why not?

Monday Off Day Off Topic Thread

What’s the movie of the 80s? Or the 90s?

Royals Review 2021 NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge

Back from a year off!

Fantasy Baseball: Royals players as Lord of the Rings characters

There and back again: a home run tale by Bilbo Baggins

2020 Royals Review Holiday Gift Guide

For those who need a little help picking out presents.

The best anagrams from the 2004-2006 Royals train wreck teams

Not much good happened but this.

Ranking the best Royals jerseys

The Royals have worn some nice threads

The secret and long forgotten unwritten rules of baseball

I’d bet you’ve never heard of any of these

Ah yes, losing; hello old friend

Look at this familiar feeling!

Five hilarious stats from Tony Pena, Jr.’s 2008 season

2008 was a really weird season

Owners propose three-game season with unlimited bananas as compensation

Will the MLBPA respond?

Pop Culture Corner: Through the Stargate of Memories

We don’t watch things in a vacuum.

Pop Culture Corner: A Love Letter to Robotech

An oldie but a goodie

For just $100, you can have Whit Merrifield send you a personalized message

Ever heard of Cameo?

Monday Spring Training Off Day Open Thread


Hok Talk: Overreacting to a week’s worth of Spring Training stats

Forget everything you knew about the team before a week ago.

The best pictures from 2020 spring training photo day

Baseball is back


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