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Royals Humor, Satire, & Nonsense

Royals Review 2021 NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge

Back from a year off!

Fantasy Baseball: Royals players as Lord of the Rings characters

There and back again: a home run tale by Bilbo Baggins

2020 Royals Review Holiday Gift Guide

For those who need a little help picking out presents.

The best anagrams from the 2004-2006 Royals train wreck teams

Not much good happened but this.

Ranking the best Royals jerseys

The Royals have worn some nice threads

The secret and long forgotten unwritten rules of baseball

I’d bet you’ve never heard of any of these

Ah yes, losing; hello old friend

Look at this familiar feeling!

Five hilarious stats from Tony Pena, Jr.’s 2008 season

2008 was a really weird season

Owners propose three-game season with unlimited bananas as compensation

Will the MLBPA respond?

Pop Culture Corner: Through the Stargate of Memories

We don’t watch things in a vacuum.

Pop Culture Corner: A Love Letter to Robotech

An oldie but a goodie

For just $100, you can have Whit Merrifield send you a personalized message

Ever heard of Cameo?

Monday Spring Training Off Day Open Thread


Hok Talk: Overreacting to a week’s worth of Spring Training stats

Forget everything you knew about the team before a week ago.

The best pictures from 2020 spring training photo day

Baseball is back

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Royals Stadium hosts the Avengers!

What will the 2020 decade look like for the Kansas City Royals?

The times they are a changin’.

Here are some anagrams for the Royals’ top prospects

A Royals Review tradition

Just leave Megxit alone already, yeah?

I’m just knackered about it all.

Bring back the powder blues for real, you cowards


Hok Talk: Analytics guys save baseball

Yes, this is satire.

Hok Talk - The best Royals seasons

Hint: It will star the Royals!

Friday Off Topic Thread, October 18 Edition

What do you miss about the internet?

The Kansas City Royals offseason, as predicted by artificial intelligence

Computer, computer, tell us your predictions

A look at the 2019 Royals’ post-season roster

A time capsule article

Hok Talk - How the Royals almost competed in 2019

It was never going to happen in this reality. But what about another?

Ok fine let’s see what it would look like if the Royals made the playoffs this year

This exercise is ridiculous but here we are

Hok Talk: What if the Royals were Final Fantasy

We have reached the portion of the season where I talk more about video games than real baseball.

What would it take for the Royals to win the second Wild Card?

So you’re telling me there’s a chance.

Friday OT Thread: New Music Edition


The Royals as Game of Thrones characters

Winter has come.


Baseball? Baseball. Baseball!


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