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Royals Humor, Satire, & Nonsense

A look at the 2019 Royals’ post-season roster

A time capsule article

Hok Talk - How the Royals almost competed in 2019

It was never going to happen in this reality. But what about another?

Ok fine let’s see what it would look like if the Royals made the playoffs this year

This exercise is ridiculous but here we are

Hok Talk: What if the Royals were Final Fantasy

We have reached the portion of the season where I talk more about video games than real baseball.

What would it take for the Royals to win the second Wild Card?

So you’re telling me there’s a chance.

Friday OT Thread: New Music Edition


The Royals as Game of Thrones characters

Winter has come.


Baseball? Baseball. Baseball!

Royals Review 2019 NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge

Can you win it all?

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Mitch Maier Writes Home From Baseball Summer Camp

What the Royals would look like if they were contenders this year

It’s a longshot. But where’s the fun in that?

The best pictures from 2019 spring training photo day

Baseball is back!

No way the Royals’ expectations of success can go wrong in 2019, none at all

The Royals are TOTALLY in the right here

Friday OT Thread: Busy, busy bees


Somebody was playing Mario Kart on Kauffman Stadium’s Crown Vision

Can you imagine?

The Yankees scuttled my piece on Tulo and I hate them forever


25 Christmas Wishes For the 2019 Royals

Merry Christmas!

I am ready to play for the Royals if they are interested

Guest commentary from an equine friend.

Just how fast is Billy Hamilton?

Is he faster than a boat? Is he faster than a goat? Does he like green eggs and ham?

Friday OT Thread: Boredom Edition


Friday Off Topic Thread

It’s been a freaking week, hasn’t it

Friday Off Topic Thread


Report: Baseball Gods in chaos about who should be at fault for the 2018 Royals season

Even the Baseball Gods are embarrassed

Hunter Dozier’s struggles and his single batting glove

Perhaps his issues are with the baseball gods

Which new Royal has the best anagram nicknames?

Brian Goodwin makes a strong case

That time Alcides Escobar out-hit a 30-home run hitter

It really did happen

All-Star break off topic thread

No baseball? Eh, fine.

How the Royals can instantly become more interesting

This is so easy!

Here are some pictures of 12-year-old Nick Pratto during the 2011 Little League World Series because why not

The Royals’ 2017 first round draft pick is also a Little League Champion

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The Ballad of Alcides Escobar

Whit Merrifield Bobblehead Giveaway Contest

YOU can win!

The greatest bad Royals of all-time

They weren’t good, but that doesn’t mean we can’t love them like they were