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That Week in the Minors: July 21-27th

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I'll be filling in for the shoes of un-fillable Minda for this weeks minors report. I'm a virgin to this article series so please forgive any nervousness, painful groans, or premature happenings. Just take your time with me, listen to what I have to say, and then go easy on me.

We'll start at the top:


The Chasers of Storms went 3-4 this week. Minor league schedules are always kooky and Omaha's last few series have shown that as displayed below:

7/17-7/20: New Orleans

7/21-7/24: @Memphis

7/25-7/28: @New Orleans

7/29-08/01: Memphis

Must squeeze every New Orleans and Memphis game into a two week span.

Christian Colon: .385/.370/.615 1 HR

Johnny Giavotella: .182/.308/.227

Justin Maxwell: .250/.375/.400 1 HR

Jimmy Paereds: Sent to Baltimore

Carlos Peguero: .240/.240/.560 2 HR

Buddy Baumann: 8 IP 2.25 ERA 3K 1BB 5H

Clayton Mortensen: 9.2 IP 9.31 ERA 18H 2BB 6K

Joe Saunders: 6 IP 6.00 ERA 10H 1BB 1K

Aaron Brooks: 7 IP 2.57 ERA 6H 1BB 7K

As you'd expect  they were a bunch of meh guys doing eh things. A completely unexciting and old roster.

Northwest Arkansas

Jorge Bonifacio: .217/.296/.217

Orlando Caxito Calixte: .174/.222/.217

Cheslor Cuthbert: .391/.462/.739 1 HR 3 Doubles 1 Triple

Hunter Dozier: .083/.154/.125

Mitch Maier: .250/.357/.333 1 Double

Christian Binford: 13 IP 0.68 ERA 13H 1BB 13K

Tim Mellvile: 10.2 IP 5.06 ERA 16H 4BB 6K

Rough week for hitters not named Cheslor Cuthbert. Christian Binford continues to do things that his repertoire suggest he shouldn't be able to necessarily do. Although the 13 hits in 13 innings might be a predictor of his stuff not playing quite as well in AA than it did in A+.


Cam Gallagher: .313/.353/.438 2 Doubles

Jack Lopez: .273/.304/.364 2 Doubles

Raul Mondesi: .130/.167/.304 2 Doubled 1 Triple

Daniel Rockett: .105/.150/.368 1 HR 1 Triple

Bubba Starling: .360/.385/.600 1 HR 1 Double 1 Triple

Ramon Torres: .118/.167/.118

Brandon Finnegan: 7 IP 0.00 ERA 3H 1BB 9K

Sean Manaea: 12 IP 0.75 ERA 8H 7BB 11K

Miguel Almonte: 3.2 IP 0.00 ERA 1H 2BB 2K

Starling continue his hot stretch. Over the past 15 games he's hit .322/.375/.475 and for the month of July he's at .298/.359/.452.

Finnegan has pushed his scoreless pro debut streak to 11 innings now.

Miguel Almonte got some long relief work out of the pen due to a rain postponed game the prior day.

Lexington Legends

Samir Duenez: 0-3 back from injury

Humberto Arteaga: .150/.150/.200 1 Double

Elier Hernandez: .238/.238/.381 1 Double 1 Triple

Alexis Rivera: .067/.125/.067

Luke Farrell: 4.2 IP 7.71 ERA 8H 2BB 0K

Pedro Fernandez: 6IP 0.00 ERA 1H 2BB 4K

Jake Junis: 4.2IP 7.71 ERA 7H 0BB 8K

Some good Latin American talent in Lexington, but mostly struggle-city for them.

Idaho Falls

Ryan O'Hearn: .524/.630/.714 1 Double 1 Home Run

Eric Skoglund: 2.2 IP 10.13 ERA 5H 1BB 3K

Bryan Brickhouse: 3.1 IP 2.70 ERA 5H 1BB 5K

IDF is pretty barren this year except for Skoglund really and Ryan O'Hearn who continues to destroy Rookie Ball hitters like they are London in the late 1940's.


Dominique Taylor - .500/.500/.500 on rehab

Ryan Dale: .250/.375/.250

Amalani Fukofuka: .143/.143/.214 1 Triple

Xavier Fernandez:.143/.143/.214

Martin Gasparini: 1-3 (only played one game this week due to lingering injury)

Chase Vallot: .083/.313/.167

Logan Moon: .182/.217/.273 1 Triple

Scott Blewett: 3 IP 3H 3.00 ERA 0BB 2K

Foster Griffin: 2.2IP 3.38 ERA 4H 2BB 2K

Carter Hope: 6IP 3.00 ERA 5H 3BB 4K

Julio Pinto: 0.2 IP 3ER 3H 0BB 0K

Niklas Stephenson: 5IP 0.00 ERA 3H 0BB 4K

Law young and raw talent down here. Vallot continues to show his rawness, but he also can't legally buy cigarettes either. The Italian wunderkind Gasparini is making his way back from injury, or trying to. It's a beautiful thing to see Dom Taylor back in action.

Some tweets about Blewett:

Okay that's it for this week guys. It's been a beautiful experience, and I've enjoyed every moment of it. Hopefully I'll be a little more relaxed next time. Sorry if this was frustrating for you, but I was uncomfortable at first but slowly got in the mood. You just had to get me warmed up.