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Royals Draft Coverage

Royals try to balance floor and ceiling with a college-heavy 2022 draft

The class is highlighted by two college hitters

MLB draft, day three open thread

Rounds 11-20 today, concluding the draft.

2022 MLB draft, day two open thread

Rounds 3-10 will be held today.

Reactions to day one of the Royals’ draft

Welcome to the Royals, Gavin Cross and Cayden Wallace!

Royals select Gavin Cross, OF from Virginia Tech, with the 9th overall selection in the 2022 draft

A big bat to add to the farm

2022 MLB draft, day one open thread

Who will be the newest Royal?

Your primer on the Royals and the 2022 draft

Who will the Royals select?

Better know a draft prospect: Brandon Barriera

If the Royals go prep arm, they can get the top lefty.

Better know a draft prospect: Zach Neto

The mid-major shortstop shot up draft boards this spring

Better know a draft prospect: Elijah Green

The prep outfielder has some serious star potential.

Looking to the NFL, NBA, and NHL for ways to improve the MLB Draft

The MLB Draft could be so much better with a little help from its friends.

Better know a draft prospect: Kevin Parada

One of the best hitters available at a premium position

Better know a draft prospect: Gavin Cross

The Virginia Tech outfielder has been linked to the Royals

Better know a draft prospect: Brock Porter

The Royals could get the top pitcher in the draft.

Better know a draft prospect: Cam Collier

The youngest hitter in the draft could have one of the highest ceilings.

The Royals’ 2017 draft class, five years later

Nick Pratto and MJ Melendez are the cream of this draft class.

Better know a draft prospect: Justin Crawford

Speed? Bloodlines? You’re talking the Royals’ language.

Better know a draft prospect: Jud Fabian

A toolsy college bat that could go under-slot

Better know a draft prospect: Jacob Berry

The switch hitter from LSU can really hit

Better know a draft prospect: Jace Jung

Josh’s brother might be an even better hitter

Five first-round draft scenarios for the Royals

The Royals hold the No. 9 pick in this year’s draft. Here are five options they could follow.

Better know a draft prospect: Ivan Melendez

This first baseman out of Texas hits nukes

The Royals will have the #9 pick in the 2022 draft....probably

Assuming we have a draft next year.

The Mets failed to sign Kumar Rocker, does that make the Royals’ draft look better?

Which risk are you willing to take on?

Royals sign draft picks, including top pick Frank Mozzicato

Welcome to our newest Royals!

The Royals go for ceiling and risk with high school pitching early in the draft

The Royals roll the dice.

2021 MLB draft day three open thread

Let’s wrap up the draft and get these kids signed!

Reviewing day two of the Royals’ draft

What if we looked at the draft the way NFL fans look at it?

2021 MLB draft day two open thread

Let’s see if the first round gamble pays off.

Reactions to the Royals’ first-round selection of Frank Mozzicato

The selection surprised many.

With the #7 pick, the Royals select pitcher Frank Mozzicato 

The Royals go with an underslot sign.

2021 MLB draft day one open thread

Can the Royals add another prospect?


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