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An update on the Royals draft signings

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Who is ready to begin their pro careers?

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Just two weeks ago the Royals made their 2015 draft selections. While some remain unsigned, thanks to the new earlier draft signing deadline many players are under contract and have already made their pro debut.

Perhaps most importantly, the Royals have inked deals with all of their picks from the first ten rounds. This means that the Royals don't have an outstanding slot money under question, and know what they have to spend on guys past the tenth round (which anything over $100K would affect their overall pool).

Here's how the Top 10 looks:

Round Pick Player BA Rank Slot Value Contract Assigned
1 21 Ashe Russell 17 $2,190,200 $2,190,200 Burlington
1 33 Nolan Watson 56 $1,825,200 $1,825,200 Burlington
2 64 Josh Staumont 80 $964,600 $964,600 Arizona
3 98 Anderson Miller 166 $581,300 $681,300
4 129 Garrett Davila 175 $431,100 $746,000 Arizona
5 159 Roman Collins N/A $322,700 $275,000 Idaho Falls
6 189 Cody Jones 306 $241,700 $150,000 Idaho Falls
7 219 Gabriel Cancel 402 $181,200 $200,000 Arizona
8 249 Andre Davis N/A $168,000 $25,000 Burlington
9 279 Joseph Markus N/A $157,000 $130,000 Burlington
10 309 Alex Luna N/A $149,700 $5,000 Burlington
Total Pool + 5% $7,567,035 $7,192,300

We know the contracts for everybody except Cody Jones who's season just ended a few days ago in the College World Series. He's a college senior so he's at most going to get the slot value, but likely lower. I just used $150,000 for his slot. It could be more, it could be less.

How about the rest of the picks?

Round Pick Player BA Rank Signed? Assigned
11 339 Ben Johnson 121 Signed Burlington
12 369 Daniel Concepcion N/A Signed Burlington
13 399 Travis Maezes 376 Signed
14 429 Nick Dini N/A Signed Idaho Falls
15 459 Marquise Doherty 136
16 489 Matt Ditman N/A Signed Burlington
17 519 Matt Portland N/A Signed Idaho Falls
18 549 Brian Bayliss N/A Signed Idaho Falls
19 579 Emmanuel Rivera N/A Signed Arizona
20 609 Jeff Harding 226
21 639 Austin Baily N/A Signed Burlington
22 669 Stephen Milligan N/A Signed Idaho Falls
23 699 Colton Frabasilio N/A Signed Burlington
24 729 Johnathan McCray N/A Signed Arizona
25 759 Tyler Carvalho N/A Signed Arizona
26 789 Alex Close N/A Signed Arizona
27 819 Jacob Bodner N/A Signed Burlington
28 849 Reed Hayes N/A
29 879 Mark McCoy N/A Signed Arizona
30 909 Luke Willis N/A Signed Arizona
31 939 Brian Bien N/A Signed Burlington
32 969 Jake Kalish N/A Signed Arizona
33 999 Nate Esposito N/A Signed Arizona
34 1029 Taylor Ostrich N/A Signed Arizona
35 1059 Trey Stover N/A Signed Burlington
36 1089 Tanner Stanley 377
37 1119 Jacob Ruder N/A
38 1149 Dylan Horne N/A
39 1179 Billy Endris N/A
40 1209 Ford Proctor N/A

Michigan infielder Travis Maezes recently signed for $200,000, of which $100,000 of that comes from the bonus pool, leaving the Royals with $275,000 to spend on the other slots once you include the 5% overage limit for their pool.

So where can they spend that money?

Marquise Doherty Winnetonka HS  - 15th round, 459th overall

This one is probably not happening unless the Royals want to lose their pick next year or in 2017. Assuming they have ~$475K (the total pool left over plus the $100K slot) I'm not sure that buys Doherty out of his Mizzou commit. It sure would be great if the draft and follow rule was still around (which of course Doherty would have to go to JuCo).

Jeff Harding Chipola JC - 20th round, 609th overall

Harding has a near double-plus fastball and a good curveball. He's a reliever all the way, but the Royals have a nice little track record of finding a later round college reliever (Greg Holland, Aaron Brooks, Michael Mariot, Blaine Hardy, Spencer Patton).