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Royals Draft Coverage

The Royals go for ceiling and risk with high school pitching early in the draft

The Royals roll the dice.

2021 MLB draft day three open thread

Let’s wrap up the draft and get these kids signed!

Reviewing day two of the Royals’ draft

What if we looked at the draft the way NFL fans look at it?

2021 MLB draft day two open thread

Let’s see if the first round gamble pays off.

Reactions to the Royals’ first-round selection of Frank Mozzicato

The selection surprised many.

With the #7 pick, the Royals select pitcher Frank Mozzicato 

The Royals go with an underslot sign.

2021 MLB draft day one open thread

Can the Royals add another prospect?

SB Nation MLB Mock Draft: Royals select Brady House

The Royals could get another prep infielder.

Royals Review Roundtable: Previewing the Draft

Who will the Royals select?

What to know about the Royals and the 2021 draft

Can the Royals hit lucky seven?

Better know a draft prospect: Will Taylor

A South Carolina QB is raising eyebrows

Better know a draft prospect: Kahlil Watson

Could the Royals repeat World Series success with a North Carolina draftee?

The Royals’ 2016 draft class, five years later

The Royals forfeit their first round pick

Better know a draft prospect: Kumar Rocker

Could the Vandy right-hander slip to KC?

Better know a draft prospect: Jackson Jobe

Could this prep pitcher fit at 7 for the Royals?

Better know a draft prospect: Brady House

A Georgia third baseman fits the Royals draft history.

Better know a draft prospect: Jaden Hill

The young LSU pitcher will need Tommy John surgery.

Better know a draft prospect: Gunnar Hoglund

A Rebel pitcher who makes hitters miss.

Better know a draft prospect: Sal Frelick

The Boston College Eagle is short of stature, tall on talent

Why tanking for the rest of the season may not matter

It won’t have the effect as in past years

“I just feel at home”; why Saul Garza chose to sign with the Royals

One of the top undrafted free agents is loving every bit about Kansas City.

Royals agree to terms with Asa Lacy, entire 2020 draft class

Welcome, newest Royals!

The state of the Royals farm system following the draft

It’s improving but there is still work to be done.

Royals Review Radio: The post-draft episode

We discuss the draft and whether baseball will ever resume so we can see these drafted players.

Royals sign top undrafted free agents on the first day of signings

Doing the right thing is paying off for the Royals.

Quick thoughts on the Royals’ draft

Five rounds of fun.

Limited to just five rounds, Royals attempt to improve the farm system on day two of the draft

The MLB draft was shorter than the NFL draft, huh?

2020 MLB draft day two open thread

Can’t we do this for more than five rounds?

Reactions to day one of the draft for the Royals

The Royals add to their farm system.

Royals select shortstop Nick Loftin with the #32 overall pick

Loftin provides some positional versatility.

Royals select left-handed pitcher Asa Lacy with the fourth pick in the 2020 draft

The Royals add another college pitcher.

2020 MLB draft round one open thread

An actual baseball-related event!