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Thanksgiving Rumblings - News for November 23, 2023

Gobble Gobble.

Kansas City Royals Headshots Mandatory Copyright: Copyright 2004 MLB Photos

Today is a holiday, so no links for you! But here’s an open thread anyway in case you want to avoid extended family members or what have you, no judgment here. Here’s a few Thanksgiving-related questions to kick things off:

  1. Obvious one here: what is the best Thanksgiving dish? I’m on team turkey myself, but I’ll fuck up a pecan pie too.
  2. Does your family feature any unconventional dishes? Mine doesn’t typically, but I think my sister is introducing mac-and-cheese and cinnamon muffins this year.
  3. What time do you eat? Some have their big meal for lunch, some for dinner, and still others in between. I’m in the latter camp, usually eating around 4pm (which would be afternoon tea if I were British - afternoon tea is a proper meal to many there).
  4. When is it time to put up Christmas decorations? I’m firmly in the camp of the day after Thanksgiving.
  5. The NFL has Thanksgiving. The NBA has Christmas. Is there a holiday that people associate with MLB? I guess there’s a full slate of games on Independence Day, but I don’t feel that people associate the 4th with baseball the way they do with these other sports-holiday combos.