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Royals Rumblings - News for July 13, 2023

Let’s get fired up about guys that just got drafted

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COLLEGE BASEBALL: JUN 11 NCAA Super Regionals Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Anne Rogers details how the Royals revamped their approach to minor league pitching development:

Each player report looked different, individualized to them and their profile. No longer are the Royals using a blanket pitch-usage philosophy, general manager J.J. Picollo said. There is a better understanding of a player’s pitch characteristics — emphasizing the pitches that fit the pitcher — while they’re trying to integrate movement patterns better than before.

“We’ve adapted to understanding what a pitcher wants to do and what his pitches are telling us he can do,” Picollo said. “It’s coming together more nicely now. We have a better balance of people to communicate with any type of player.”

Numbers drive that communication as much as a player wants.

The Royals are thrilled to have gotten Jared Dickey in the 11th round of the Draft ($):

“It’s always a plus: You get a guy who can possibly catch and play outfield and do some different things on the field,” Ontiveros said. “If it’s something he really wants to do, we’re open to exploring that option. But the bat is really attractive, so wherever he fits in the lineup we’ll be good with it.”

The Royals, Ontiveros said, had an added comfort selecting Dickey because of a connection that began before his time at Tennessee. Dickey played for the club’s scout team in high school, run by Royals Southeast cross checker Sean Gibbs.

Even after Dickey left for Tennessee, his relationship with the Royals only continued to grow. Ontiveros added that the Royals monitored Dickey’s progression over his three-year collegiate career.

Keith Law runs down some thoughts on Kansas City’s draft ($):

Vanderbilt lefty Hunter Owen (4) looked like he might get into the first round at one point this spring, but two different stints on the shelf with a “tired arm” knocked him down here to the fifth. When healthy, he’s 92-95 mph with a plus curveball, a good delivery, and above-average control. He’s built for starting, but I wonder if running him from just 26 innings in 2022, mostly in relief, in just half a season to having him work as a starter was too much, too soon. He’s 6-6, 260 pounds, though, so I hope the Royals can build him up carefully and get him to that mid-rotation ceiling. Spencer Nivens (5) is a smaller guy but makes hard contact and whacks fastballs. The Missouri State outfielder has a chance to stay in center, although it’s going to take some work, and his arm won’t play in left. He rarely strikes out and there’s enough power there to make him a regular if he stays up the middle. These both feel like excellent values for the round.

Salvy got his first hit in the All-Star Game since 2016.

Mike Mayers is headed to the Southside in return for old friend Cash Considerations.

With the draft all wrapped up, the undrafted free agent signings are rolling in.

Fenlong pitched to a 3.45 ERA in 114.2 innings, striking out 76 and walking 31. Between Fenlong and 5th-rounder Spencer Nivens, the Royals now have the 2023 MVC Pitcher and Player of the Year.

If you want to feel bad about Blake Mitchell, check out this piece from Michael Baumann at FanGraphs detailing the success rate of first round catchers.

MLB announced their international games for 2024, which includes a season-opening series in Seoul that will be the first MLB games played in Korea.

Elías Díaz was the perfect type of player to win All-Star Game MVP.

Shohei Ohtani’s upcoming free agency will be unlike anything ever seen in the sport.

Oakland is promoting top prospects Tyler Soderstrom and Zack Gelof.

It looks like the Cardinals will sell at the deadline, and they have plenty of interesting names to move if they do so.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were honored at last night’s ESPYs.

To celebrate 86 years of business, you can get a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme tomorrow for 86 cents.

Also in available food deals tomorrow, National Fry Day can get you free fries at a variety of places.

Taylor Swift has helped spark a trend of artists rerecording their classics.

If you’ve seen the ocean lately and think it’s looking greener than it used to, that’s because it is greener.

Your song of the day is Hey Now (Arty remix) by London Grammar.