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Royals Review Open Threads

Home Run Derby Open Thread

Dongs galore

Friday OT Thread: Back for more cash

Friday OT Thread: Distraction from Grass Creek

Overrated places and revisiting the past.

Community OT Thread: Dictate your terms

Old Man Duggan's Pop-culture Corner: Catastrophe

The Rob Delaney / Sharon Horgan series is back (for American audiences).

Friday OT Thread: Nostalgia and odd likes and dislikes

Friday OT Thread: Rebranding and National Parking

Community OT Thread: Go your own way

Friday OT Thread: Inner monologues and fear of science

OMD's Pop-culture Corner: Talkin' Oscars

Breaking down the categories.

Community OT Friday Thread: Make the magic happen

You are your own sherpa.

Friday OT Thread: Moms and mean things

Open that up.

Friday OT Thread: Lies we told our parents

Worst places to which we've traveled and dire financial straits.

Friday OT Thread: Do it to me one more time

Throwing one back again

Friday OT Thread: Take you back

Do this thing.

Community OT Thread

Ask whatever question your heart desires.

OMD's Pop-Culture Corner: Holiday binge-watch chat

You know you've done nothing but watch TV for the past three weeks. Sit down and have a talk about it.

New Year's Open Thread

Ring in the New Year with your second life friends, just talkin' 'bout whatever.

Community OT: DIY for the Jilted Generation

I got the poison. I got the remedy. Or maybe you do.

OMD's Pop-culture Corner: Broadchurch is back

Sure, it aired on BBCAmerica like six months ago, but who watches that channel? And who thought S2 would be so good?

Old Man Duggan's Pop-culture corner: Mockingjay 2

What could it have been?

Community OT: This thread is your oyster

May the pearls be bountiful.

Friday OT Thread: Master of None and "missiles"

The forest is a-waitin' for you this fine afternoon.

Community OT Thread: Choose Your Own OT

You ask the tough questions. You give the tough answers.

NLCS Game Five Thread: Mets vs. Dodgers

It's time for another game five.

AL Wild Card Game Thread: Astros versus Yankees

Dallas Keuchel takes the mound in New York in the hopes of stamping the Astros' tickets to Kansas City. Masahiro Tanaka will attempt to overcome the powerful wood of Carlos Correa, George Springer & Co.

Friday OT Thread: Fears and expectations

I pity the fool who doesn't answer these questions.

OT Friday: Inexplicable magnetism and Hot Pockets

Five questions and some boners.

Off-day OT: Other baseball

Talkin' non-Royals baseball or whatever.

Community OT: Pop rocks

Where you ask the questions and answer them.

OMD's Pop-culture Corner: Hannibal

Can we get a second, er, fourth helping?

Off day baseball: watching the rivals

The Royals may not be playing, but that doesn't mean that there is no meaningful baseball