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Royals Review Open Threads

OMD's Pop-culture corner: Mr. Robot

The surprise hit of the summer.

Off-day Monday OT: To baseball, or not to baseball

Talk about stuff here.

OT Friday Thread: Throwin' it back

Fyvush Questions

Community OT: Crowdsourcing random thoughts

Ask away, reader.

Monday Off-day OT: Maybe watch other baseball

Talk about what you like, kiddos.

OMD's Pop-culture corner: Adios Juan Stewart

Celebrate with some Arby's, Stu.

Off-day OT: Other baseball and stuff

The Royals may not be playing, but you can still watch baseball, silly.

OMD's Culture Corner: Enjoying the National Park system

Loving parking.

First half roundup and predictions thread

Fancy yourself a seer? Put it in digital ink and let's see what happens.

Friday OT thread: Changes

Take you back.

OMD's Pop-culture corner: Channing Tatum & change

If only past-OMD had been visited by present-day-OMD to be warned of C-Tates's charms

Community Friday OT: Choose Your Own Adventure

You ask the questions.

Off Day OT Thread - First Place Version


Community OT: By the power of Grayskull

You have the power.

Off-Day OT: Other baseball

No Royals, no cry

OMD's Pop-culture corner: Sequels abounding

How do you feel about the latest batch of sequels? Which ones worked for you?

Off Day Baseball

There are other teams who play baseball. Shocking, I know.

Off-day OT: Watching other baseball

Baseball catch-all

OMD's Pop-culture Corner: Summer movies are here

Popcorn. Bing ba-bing bing bing.

Community OT: Bring it

Where we follow you down the rabbit hole.

Off-day OT: Talkin' baseball

Better than your mother's OT.

OT Friday: Where you would go after the apocalypse

Why Tucson?

Community OT: Do-it-yourself

Where you ask the tough questions that need answering.

OT Friday Thread: Throwback

In lieu of an OMD's Pop-culture Corner

OT Off-Day Thread: Baseball/Justified/Catch-all

Gettin' off [topic]

Minda's Pop-culture corner: Joyful indulgences

We've reached a point in Spring Training where interest has waned, and some Royals are putting up worrisome stats. Let's slide into a joyful place.

OMD's Pop-culture corner: Parks and loss

Where we say goodbye.

Big game pains: ruminations and game thread

The only way I can feel better about watching the Super Bowl is airing out my utter hypocrisy over the event.

OMD's Pop-culture corner: How do you watch film?

The first in a likely failed experiment?

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Friday OT thread: tell me about yourself

royalcoffee working the OT.

OT Holiday Thread: 'Tis a Season

Escape the celebration of the holiday with your friends and family with your second life friends and family.

Friday OT Thread: A brave new world

Earth is coming to an end, but your journey isn't.


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