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Royals Rundown: Roster deadlines & Bobby Baseball extension hopes

Plus, we weigh in on the Taylor Clarke contract.

Royals Rundown: Shawn Murnin Interview, annual awards, and Cole Ragans is HIM

Tread Athletics might as well open a Kansa City location.

Royals Rundown: Talk with Steven Zobac on his first professional season

Hear from one of the system’s fastest-rising pitching prospects.

Royals Rundown: Talk with Will Klein & more stadium details

Which is scarier: Halloween on a weekday or Edward Olivares in left field?

Royals Rundown: Gold Glove snubs & Olympics fall flat

We talk about Jeremy Guthrie too. Strange times.

Royals Rundown: Jackson County’s counter & Max Rieper joins the show

Where is Kim Ng going to land after stunning departure?

Royals Rundown: Chaos ensues in dominant playoffs & doubting Salvy rumors

Plus, how bad was this year’s bullpen really?

Royals Rundown: Prospects roll in Arizona Fall League & playoff talk

We introduce a new podcast partner on today’s episode!

Royals Rundown: End-of-season presser & remembering Tim Wakefield

While some play postseason ball, we only have the winter to look forward to.

Bobby Baseball Bangs Bomb, Oli’s Outlook, Plus Traylor Swelce

Yes, we are talking about TravTay too.

Royals Rundown: Kansas City Roll in September, Plus Postseason Push is Here!

The Three Amigos ride once again.

Royals Rundown: Kansas City Play Spoiler in Houston, First What in 30 Years?

Plus, what is up with the Royals sending so many players to Arizona?

Royals Rundown: Did We See the Last of Zack Greinke in Kauffman Stadium?

Plus stadium struggles continue, injury theory gains steam.

Royals Rundown Chaos: The Hosts Snap

Godspeed listeners.

Royals Rundown: Where MLB Falls Short, What Royals Needs to Step Up

The 2023 season is mercifully almost over for the Royals.

Royals Rundown: Massey v Loftin, Ragans Wins Kansas City Royals Trade Deadline

We talk about Edward Olivares a bit too.

Royals Rundown: Preston Farr Talks Kansas City Royals Prospects, 2024 Pitching Help

The farm is growing, but not quickly enough.

Royals Rundown: Jack Johnson Talks Angels Moves, Hot Seats in Kansas City?

The Locked On Royals host joins the show.

Royals Rundown: Royals Run into Pacific Buzzsaw, Limp Back to Kauffman

The West Coast was not kind to the boys in blue.

Royals Rundown: Driveline Conspiracies and Pretty Little Pictures!

Plus a special guest joins the show!

Royals Rundown: Maikel Injury, MJ’s Problems Cast Doubt on Kansas City Royals

Plus, an ode to a fallen podcast that Kansas City knows well.d

Royals Rundown: Amid Season, Love of Baseball Endures

The Kansas City Royals stay busy on an off Sunday, while the crew reveals why they love baseball.

Royals Rundown: Kansas City Royals Lose Greinke, Gain OAA Standings, Plus RoyalTreatment talks FIP!

Things are not all rosy for the Royals, but the good is aplenty.

Royals Rundown: Royals Rumble to Seven-Straight Wins, Exclusive SEIU Update, and Adding to the Core?

A lot of good news for a change.

Royals Rundown: Good News Around KC Royals, Prepping for Trade Deadline, Evaluating Post-All-Star Starters

Believe it or not, there is some good news around this team.

Royals Rundown: June Prospect Special, Plus Royals Updates

A full house on all this Kansas City Royals prospects.

Royals Rundown: John Sherman Speaks, Plus more Firsts for 2023 Royals!

Can you be excited about a team so far down the standings?

Royals Rundown: Royals Return to Kauffman After Successful(?) Road Trip, Draft and Trade Season Nearly Here!

We are judging any stretch of Royals games on a curve now, right?

Royals Rundown: Off Field Issues Overshadow Record, Plus What to do with MJ Melendez?

Let’s look away from the on-field product for a while, a la Matt LaMar.

Royals Rundown: Hang the Banner, the Royals Won a Game!

A flurry of transactions overshadow a 1-9 stretch for Kansas City.

Royals Rundown: The Kansas City Royals Leave Fans Without A Silver Lining

We are struggling to see any light at the end of the MLB tunnel this season.

Royals Rundown: Ryan Spilborghs Talks Apple TV+, Broadcasting, Reminiscing on Indy Baseball

The former MLB outfielder has an award-winning career off the field following his playing days.