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Royals Review Radio

Royals Review Radio: Rich Royals Wins, Bankrupt Diamond Sports

Will the Royals ever lose again? This month, at least.

Royals Review Radio: Sam Mellinger, Promotions Woes, and Jackie Bradley Jr.

More Mellinger, less spring training on today’s episode.

Royals Review Radio: Discussing the Roster’s Fringe and Hunter Dozier

Headline appearance for Hunter Dozier? It's going to be a good show.

Royals Review Radio: Kowar, Spring Training, and LoCain’s Legacy

The Royals are doing great in spring training, but will that translate beyond Opening Day?

Royals Review Radio: The Royals are Undefeated (in Spring Training)!

Hey, it’s the Cactus League, but how often is this team undefeated?

Royals Review Radio: The Winter is Nearly Over!

Spring training is here!

Royals Review Radio: Young Arms Bring Hope and Despair

It’s the hope that kills you.

Royals Review Radio: Royals Broadcaster Jake Eisenberg Joins the Show!

New faces, new voices, new season.

Royals Review Radio: Greinke’s Impact and G-Rated Curse Words

Well cheese and crackers, the Royals actually got Greinke back.

Royals Review Radio: Greinke Returning to Kansas City, Plus More!

A quicker podcast than the Bengal’s Super Bowl hopes.

Royals Review Radio: Royals Open Week with Flurry of Trades!

More trades than a Pokemon card game convention.

Royals Review Radio: The Athletic’s Andy McCullough Joins RRR!

An old Kansas City friend joins Jacob Milham to talk some baseball.

Royals Review Radio: Prospects Live Ranks Royals Top 30 Prospects!

Jared Perkins and Jake Kerns of Prospects Live break down their top 30 Royals prospects with Jacob Milham.

Royals Review Radio: All This Over $375,000?

Look, it sounds like a lot of money, but all that parking money has to go somewhere.

Royals Review Radio: Fruit Salads, Carlos Correa, and Spring Training

Mayo does not belong in fruit salads, like Carlos Correa does not belong in San Francisco.

Royals Review Radio: What Trades, Extensions Serve Royals Best This Offseason?

Fans know the Kansas City Royals need to do more this offseason. But how much more is realistic?

Royals Review Radio: “Mondays with Max” in 2023!

Hey, the Kansas City Royals are undefeated in 2023 so far. Take that haters.

Royals Review Radio: Ryan O’Hearn and Hitting the Beat

A lot of news today, even about those who write Kansas City Royals News.

Royals Review Radio: Creepy Animation and Pitchers in Their 30s

The Royals stove is colder than this week’s cold front.

Royals Review Radio: “Mondays with Max” all about reunions!

Call us the Blues Brothers because we are getting the band back together...maybe.

Royals Review Radio: Ryan Yarbrough and Chili’s Fajitas

Don’t worry, the Royals front office is still operational.

Royals Review Radio: “Mondays with Max” Post-Winter Meetings

Yes, Jacob Milham has not seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Royals Review Radio: Excel Worksheets and the Yankees

Juiced baseballs and broken Excel formulas. We love MLB in 2022.

Royals Review Radio: “Mondays With Max” Debuts!

The MLB Winter Meetings kick off the offseason in a big way.

Royals Review Radio: The Slow off-season episode

Which free agents do we like?

Royals Review Radio: The Ryan O’Hearn Forever episode

We talk 40-man roster decisions and downtown baseball with Alex Duvall.

Royals Review Radio: The free agency begins episode with David Lesky

Who’s signing where?

Royals Review Radio: The Manager Matt Quatraro episode

We have a skipper!

Royals Review Radio: The managerial search episode

Royals Review Radio: The arbitration estimates episode

To tender or not to tender?

Royals Review Radio: The 97-loss wrap-up episode

We wrap up the 2022 season and look forward to what’s next for the Royals.

Royals Review Radio: The Mike Matheny has been fired episode

We talk about the firing and what’s next for the Royals.


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