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Eric Hosmer and Kacie McDonnell made a funny movie

Stop the Oscars, we have a new entry!

Eric Hosmer and KSHB 41 Action traffic reporter Kacie McDonnell have been a power couple in Kansas City for awhile now, but are they ready to be a Hollywood power couple as well? Hosmer has already made an appearance on HBO's "Ballers" and was featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon following the World Series victory.  Today, however, he starred in a short vine with Kacie, produced by former minor league teammate Anthony Seratelli. In the seven-second rom-com, we learn how Eric Hosmer might have found love in a Tinder world.

If @kaciemcdonnell & @hosmer305 had met on Tinder, it probably would've looked like this... #alwaysclownin #offseasonfun

A video posted by Anthony Seratelli テリー (@ars1productions) on

What does it mean? Is it a social commentary on romance in the age of social media? A satire of male-female dynamics? Or just some friends goofin' around? Stop the Oscars, we have a new entry for "Best Short Film."