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Royals fans troll lawmaker who sponsored bill to make Cardinals "official" state baseball team


It is time for All-Star voting which means it is time for the entire baseball world to be upset with Royals fans for stuffing the ballot for their players. Royals player are either first or second at every position but outfield, with Salvador Perez receiving the most overall votes so far. Some have accused Royals fans of hacking, as if it were impossible so many fans could vote for players from the World Champions. Others have accused Royals fans of using emails that are not theirs to vote to exceed the 35 vote-limit, a not completely unfounded accusation.

Remarkably, Major League Baseball does not require voters use a verified email address. Voters have used publicly available email addresses to vote for their favorite players, including Royals players. And MLB won't care, it only helps provide them with a database of email to sell to vendors and advertisers.

One Royals fan even trolled the Missouri state legislator who proposed a resolution calling the Cardinals the "offiical state baseball team."

We of course, don't condone using email addresses that aren't yours to vote! Use YOUR email address to vote here, and don't forget to vote for all your favorite Royals!