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What is your Royals off-season plan?

Dayton won't tell us his secrets, so why don't you tell us what the Royals should do?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have a pretty pivotal off-season coming up, one that could either sustain the success they've built on the last two years, or take them back to suckville with debilitating albatross contracts. Dayton Moore likes to hold his cards pretty close to the chest, although there have been smoke signals they may have interest in players like Yasmany Tomas, Melky Cabrera, Brandon McCarthy, or Ervin Santana.

But rather than talk about what the Royals will do, let's talk about what they should do. And for that, we want to hear from the Royals Review community. If you'd like to share your grand ideas for the roster, create a Fanpost titled "[YOUR NAME HERE]'s off-season plan"

Here is the payroll situation the Royals are dealing with.

You inherit holes in right-field, designated hitter, and the starting rotation, and you have disappointing production at second base and third base. You have some decisions to make!

I want your decision on whether to tender or non-tender the arbitration-eligible players:

Greg Holland, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Danny Duffy, Lorenzo Cain, Aaron Crow, Kelvin Herrera, Tim Collins, Jarrod Dyson, Jayson Nix, Louis Coleman

I want your choice of which free agents to pursue this winter. Here is a list of 2014-2015 free agents available. What reasonable deal would you offer?

The Royals have eight free agents - James Shields, Billy Butler, Nori AokI, Luke Hochevar, Josh Willingham, Raul Ibanez, Jason Frasor, and Scott Downs. Do you bring any of them back? At what price?

Got any reasonable trade ideas? Propose a deal or two that makes sense for both clubs involved that could improve the Royals.

What does your 25-man roster look like now? What is the starting lineup? Rotation? Bullpen? How deep is your minor league organization? Try to keep your budget around $100-105 million. Feel free to play around with this payroll spreadsheet.

Post your Fanposts by the end of theweek and we'll review them and perhaps try to form a consensus plan with the "Royals Review Stamp of Approval."

Can we trust your process?